Large Mouth Bass Fishing Lures That Work Like Crazy

If you are a bass fishing enthusiast and visit a lake or pool with a high population of largemouth bass then the likelihood is that you have a working knowledge of he techniques that can be used to catch them throughout the year.

After all, they do have certain behavioural patterns that they follow year in and year out. If you are a seasoned expert then you probably have it down to a fine art by now, but ho much thought have you put into the lures you use?

Whether you are a novice or an expert, you should take the time to look into the different lures to see which ones work best with the largemouth bass in your local pool or lake.

Lures are essential pieces of equipment and using the right ones can really increase your catch rate. If you use the wrong ones then this can dramatically reduce your catch rate as well so taking the time to figure it all out is an excellent idea.

Of course, it is not only the lures you choose but also the way that you use them. This is why it is one of those things that you have to perfect over a season or two rather than just falling into it or picking it up right away. There are so many factors to consider – the clarity of water, the vegetation, the nature of the habitat. As such, you should investigate the nature of the lures and what they actually do so you know when to use them.

Spinnerbaits are a fine example of that. Largemouth bass absolutely love spinnerbaits and they can really improve your catch rate, but only if you use them correctly.

They are perfect for use in vegetative areas and also in shallow waters. They are especially useful for dragging along the bottom of a lake or through thick weeds. As such, they target he largemouth bass proactively and directly so you do not have to wait for them to bite. You should choose those with bigger blades though because they cause a greater vibration in the water.

They are not good for medium or deep waters though. For those, you need other types of lures.

Crankbaits are fantastic for use in medium waters, especially if you are skilled enough to get them to turn when the bass is approaching. Depending on the depth of the water, you can choose shallow, medium and even deep diving crankbaits. No matter what type you choose, they will have the largemouth bass eating out of your hand. Literally in most cases!

Worms are also fantastic lures, especially the plastic ones that are used on a regular basis. The bass go crazy for hem because they are so realistic and are textured as if they were real.

They are excellent for use in the vegetation and when fishing deep and well as in shallow pools. Worms are literally the great all rounders of the lures selection you have at your disposal so if all else fails, they should be the lures you turn to.

Source by Daniel Eggertsen

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