Jigging Rip-Rap for the Biggest Bass of My Life!!

Im usually good for a couple largemouth sessions every october, and with the slow beach-striper scene I had no problems hitting a lake for an afternoon of jiggin the depths to see if I could catch a lunker.. It started off really bad, first couple spots were deader than dead, until I found a small patch of productive water and caught 3 bass real quick. I kept moving around, picking 1 here or there, before getting slammed and setting the hook into an overly heavy fish, I didn’t even think it was a bass for as heavy as it felt, was pretty sure it was a catfish as is so often the case, when I hook a big one on a jig, it ends up being a catfish. well not this time, I thought it was way bigger than it was at first but the fish still came out to 7lb4oz, my new PB. Luckily I keep a giant cooler in my car and kept the fish aerated for 45 minutes as I waited for Romo to get there with some fresh batteries, we weighed the fish on my digital scale and romos boga before releasing it back into the lake. The head and body of the fish were huge and had me fooled into thinking it was 8-9lbs but the tail was a little stubby, I was definitely a little disappointed when the scale read just a bit over 7lbs…

My rod is a 7′ custom

Reel: Shimano saros 2500

10lb sufix 832 Braid on that reel

20lb seagaur fluoro

Jigs are whatever I dug out of my basement… tipped with super chunks

fall is approaching, get them now before its too late –


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