Ike-Con Weedless Worm Fishing Lure, 6-1/4-Inch, Green/Chartreuse

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A perfect natural size for ALL species. Available in over 100 different colors. Fishing a weedline, skipping under or around structure or Carolina rigging. With just a simple cast and slow retrieve is still unmatched for results, GUARANTEED! From young to old, weekend angler, to serious tournament pro. Ike-Con worms are the truly the SIMPLEST MOST EFFECTIVE LURES TO USE. Fish strike and can’t let go!Designed with weedless hooks for the ability to fish bedded bass and to flip around cover
Pre-rigged and snelled for easy hook-up; Just attach to a swivel and you’re ready to fish
A tried-and-true favorite of largemouth and smallmouth bass; A must-have for any bass fisherman
Rigged with three razor sharp hooks for an effortless set, no matter where the strike comes from

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