I Thought It Was a Bass! NEW Species of Fish – Kids Pushing Us Out of Our Spot

With only our 5’4″ Medium Light Setup, KingBassing and I venture to a small town that has multiple ponds and creeks all together. Nothing was biting until I switched to a pink wacky rigged worm.

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▲Current setup I use:

●Lews TP1 Speed Stick 7’3″ “Perfect Crankback” MH Moderate
●Berkley Lightning Shock 7′ Medium Rod
●All-Star Team 5’4″ Medium Light Inline Spinner Rod

●Lews Tournament Pro TPG1HL 6.8:1
●Pflueger President 6930
●Lews Wally Marshall Ultra Lite

●Seaguar Red Label 12lb Fluorocarbon
●Sufix 832 Advance Superline 10lb Braid
●Seaguar Red Label 6lb Fluorocarbon

●2016 Ascend FS12T /Rudder, anchor trolley, and raised seat

►Depth Finder:
●Portable Lowrance Elite 3x

►Filmed with:
●GoPro Hero 5 Black(Chest mount)
●Nikon D5500(vlog)

►Music by:
●Catching Up


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