Huge Large-mouth Bass caught on a Big Swimbait!

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Must Watch Video! This is the most raw, exciting and suspenseful 2 minutes ever captured on the Ultraskiff 360 watercraft in this bass fishing video. There is something epic about catching a big Bass in a tiny boat with a locked down drag. Big Bass Hunter Andre Casey Smith gets “redemption” from 2 Gopro camera angles as he lands a massive Bass that bested him the day before in this beautifully edited short film. If you ever fished you will appreciate the suspense, intensity and the skill demonstrated in this video by Andre. And he did it all while standing up in the round boat, a testament to the stability and engineering of the Ultraskiff 360 watercraft. If you do anything check this video out and Share it with others!

For a lot of people the Ultraskiff has become a excellent alternative to kayak fishing, duck boats, pond boats, jon boats, drift boats, micro skiffs, pontoon boats, fishing kayaks, float tubes or SUP’s. These portable platforms are great for Bass Fishing, Flats Fishing, Fly Fishing, Duck Hunting or Pleasure Boating.

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