How to Flip & Punch Heavy Cover Big Bass – Iaconelli

Signup at (select your PRO subscription at to watch this full 20-minute bass fishing instructional “how to: video. Learn bass fishing secrets from top tournament pro Mike Iaconelli on flipping and punching heavy cover, including matted vegetation (grass, weeds or even trash!).

Mike “Ike” Iaconelli will share secret tips and techniques for getting to big bass that are hiding in heavy cover, how to get your bait to where the fish live, how to detect strikes & bites, and how to get those bass in the boat. In the full seminar, Ike will share about what tackle to use, presenting the bait, tricks for getting the bait through the dense cover, how to work the bait to get bites in the thick vegetation, and what to do if the fish gets stuck in the grass.

Check it out! For a limited time, get 2 months free (compared to monthly subscription rate) when you signup for an annual subscription!


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