How To Fish the Devil’s Horse Topwater Bait | Bass Fishing

You know, when you’re fishing the Devil’s
Horse, it’s a really simple technique. Andit’s such a visual technique. All you want
to do is just throw it out there, and justtwitch your rod just a little bit. You don’t
have to do it much. Not like a big, sweepingaction. Just a little bit. Enough to get those
props moving. And once it goes, “Plllsh” andstopping, always make sure you pause it. This is a bait that irritates the fish. When
it’s sitting up on top of them, it’s almostan irritation thing and a lot of times it’s
just a reaction bite. With the double propsand the wood, it’s always going to sit on
top. And I’m telling you, if you want to increaseyour odds on getting some vicious topwater
bites that make your heart stop, get yourselfsome Devil Horses. They come in all sizes and colors; pick whatever
color you need for your type of conditionthat you’re fishing. If you’re fishing muddy,
you want to go a little bit brighter. If you’regoing a little bit clear, pick a clearer color.
There are so many varieties. But, the main thing is, let the lure do the
work. Twitch your rod slowly, and let it sitand pause in between. You will have some vicious
strikes. Here’s another vicious strike onthe top water. Even as small as he is, my
heart is just pounding. If I could give you one more tip with this
Devil’s Horse, no matter the size or colorthat you use, always use it with a pause.
Use monofilament, monofilament floats, fluorocarbonsinks. You want to keep your line that’s on
top of the water even with the bait that’son top of the water. If you throw this Devil’s
Horse and go and give it a chance, your heartwill be pounding just like mine.

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