How to Catch Huge Black Sea Bass -Saltwater Sea Bass Fishing

We’re out in Buzzards Bay, Cape Cod, MA on the waters of the Atlantic Ocean, fishing for huge saltwater black sea bass using anything from jigging spoons to bucktail jigs to Viper Spoons to topwater baits.

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These sea bass have some weight to them and we were very succesful on the water today.

We succesfully used a chartruese bucktail jig while rip-jigging on the bottom to produce a couple decent size seabass of atleast 6 pounds

A Green Mackerel Viper Spoon baited with squid using a 3-way swivel about 2 feet off the bottom produced a small saltwater black sea bass

A Gold Viper Spoon baited with squid strip using a 3-way swivel 2 feet off the bottom produced another small black sea bass

2 hooks baited with cut squid fishing on the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean produced a double header.

At the same time, a silver Viper Spoon baited with a whole squid using a 3 way swivel 2 feet off the bottom caught a solid 5.5 pound black sea bass with a slight blue tinge

Although straight cut bait does great at catching fish, Viper Spoons seem to catch bigger fish than straight cut bait when used against eachother.

A chartreuse Viper Spoon baited with squid was used while fishing suspended and produced another seabass

A Jigging Spoon with crippled herring doing some vertical jigging 1 foot off the bottom of the ocean produced a saltwater black sea bass pushing 7 pounds.

“hopping” a Gray Shad along the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean also caught a seabass.

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As always until next time, good luck and good fishin’!


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