How to Catch Bass When They Are Spawning


Largemouth bass spawn in the spring. They spawn in the shallows, when the water reaches around 60 degrees. When searching for a spawning location, bass tend to find ones where it is shallow and well protected. Usually within 10 feet of the shore or so, bass will find there spawning area. When fishing largemouth bass be sure to start wishing where the sun hits the shallows the most. The water will be warmer there.

Spotting Nests

When fishing largemouth bass when they are spawning, search in the shallows for their nests. Their nests are usually white or black patches on the bottom. It really all depends on the lake floor itself. Remember to look where there is more sun and about 10 feet out. The bigger largemouth bass will be deeper and usually spawn first.

Baits to Use when Fishing largemouth bass during spawning

The best bait to use are plastic baits, like plastic worms and gitzits (best for when the bass are not striking). Also, good types of baits to use are top water and spinner baits.

When bass are in heavier cover, be sure to use any type of jig bait. I personally love to take a gitzits bait and use the drop shot rigging. It’s a personal preference of mine.

Also, be sure that when you are fishing in heavy cover to weed guard your bait as much as you can. This will save you time, and money as it has caused many anglers to lose their lures.

Fishing largemouth bass during their spawning season is the time to catch them.

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