How Loud Is It? BUDGET BANGIN: Day 1: Under $400 bass

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This is Day 1, of our quick and simple budget install in this cobalt, will be building an actual enclosure dedicated to the vehicle for the B2 IS10 V2 and remetering on Day 2 of this build, adding the big 3, and installing a budget b2 audio component set on a b2 Quattro amplifier and sound deadening ect. Stay tuned for Day 2 for the magic!

Total investment on sub/ amp/ box/ and wiring: under $400
*B2 IS10v2 (featured in day 2 video, $140)
*b2 Audio SLD600 (600w RMS $220)
Total investment on mids,highs and amp approx $400

More info at on these items.


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