Hooked Myself, Table Rock Bass Fishing, May 13th, 2017

Never Jerk a lure caught in a limb, straight back at your self! Had to cut 3/8th inch of the hook off, as the ole ‘mono snap’ doesn’t work to well with flourocarbon line!
But, the water levels have been so high, and it had been over 2 weeks without wetting a line, I just had to go to Mill Creek on Table Rock to try and get ready for a bass club tournament coming up next Saturday. Fifth cast caught a nice 16″+ Kentucky bass on a chatter bait with a 3.8 ” paddle tale. This ‘hookset’ happened about 2 hours into the trip, but the funny thing is, after I cut of one barb on the popper to free my leg and re-tied the crankbait that had been on that rig. First 10-12 cast caught a largemouth (14.5″ non kpr) and a 13″ smallmouth. Should have never tied on the popper! lol.
See the full video here on ‘Bassin Fools’ on Youtube.
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Thanks and Tight Lines, Randman011 Bass Fishing


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