Grass Fishing Tips: Top 3 Bass Baits For Vegetation

Grass is one of the best types of cover that you can depend on to hold bass. Fishing grass presents a unique set of challenges, so watch Matt from SBFishingTV go over his top 3 grass fishing baits to help you catch more hawgs in the thick stuff.

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When bass are in the grass, Matt is tying on three baits: a hollow-bodied frog, a punch rig, and a lipless crankbait. The frog allows you to fish across the top of thick grass mats to get big blowups. The punch rig is great for when bass are hiding deep under the canopy of thick grass on sunny days. Flip the punch rig down through heavy cover to trigger a reaction strike from big bass nearby. And lastly, the lipless crankbait is perfect for covering lots of water and ticking the top of submerged grass. The next time you’re fishing around grass, remember to have these killer baits tied on.

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