Gift Ideas for Bass Fishermen


If you are looking for the ideal gift for the bass fisherman in your life, you are really only limited by the needs or wants of the recipient, your imagination, and your budget. What bass fisherman would not love a brand new bass boat from which to fish, or expensive sonar, or outboard motors?

But, if you are looking for something in the way of gear, there are many items from which to choose. Perhaps you are looking for something such as a fishing accessory, and again, you are limited only by putting some thought into what is wanted, needed, or can be afforded. You might choose a camera to take pictures of the one that did not get away, or a nice pair of polarized sunglasses to take the glare off the water. You could choose rain gear, deck shoes, or gear to clean the catch of the day. There are a plethora of fish videos, fish paraphernalia, T-shirts, hats, etc.

You can easily find ideas for this kind of gift giving online, but if you are fishing for a new or avid fisherman, and you hope to buy gear that will be sure to be appreciated, rather than buying a gift certificate or some other option, here are some suggestions and tips that could be helpful for you.

Every bass fisherman needs a rod and reel. These may be bought together or separately. Bass are fighters, and if you plan on buying a rod, you should choose a strong rod that is still flexible. A heavier, six to seven foot length is a good choice.

An open faced reel, or spinning reel, is a good choice when buying a gift for a bass angler. If your angler is fairly experienced, another good choice would be a reel called a baitcaster. Fishermen enjoy the added control they have when using a baitcaster, which allows anglers to cast more quietly and gives more power when pulling the bait from cover.

Another necessity when fishing for bass is a good line. If you are planning to buy a gift for a bass angler, and want to consider outfitting a tackle box, you should know a little bit about fishing line. Bass fishermen generally need from ten to twenty pound test line. Colors should depend on the water in which the fish are being caught, but if you know the areas in which the angler fishes, you can judge based on the availability of clear, green, clear blue, camo, and fluorescent. One color that is usually popular with most anglers is a clear blue line that is fluorescent. This particular color is great, because it can be seen by you above the water, but not by the fish, because it disappears in the water.

Finally, probably the most popular gift idea for the bass angler on your giving list, is tackle. Bass fishermen tend to use lots of different tackle, and they tend to fish in heavy cover, which means they lost a lot of tackle. For this reason, a constant supply is always welcome. If you know the preferences of your fisherman, it will be easy to buy tackle they will like, but if you are buying for a new fisherman, or really are not sure what to buy, here are some suggestions that could help you.


Source by Daniel Eggertsen

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