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Alright team!Charge! (take me out on the
water)We eat! Fish eat! (way out in
the woods) (where the breathing is easy,
the living is good) And
welcome to Larry Smith Outdoors. We’re sponsored by: The Badger
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great day to be alive! (out in
the great outdoors)Holy Moly! Keep her on the road there
Smith. . . Gotta get your ham fix right
away in the morning. . . Hey I’ll
tell ya what!That’s a great part about
having Burgers Smokehouse as a
sponsor. It’s excellent. I’ll tell ya,
when you’re on these road trips
like we doevery week, it’s nice instead
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Anybody want a sandwich? Yeah, I’ll take one. That’s living life right there!
Mmm. Just gotta keep her on the
road. . . Hey good morning and welcome to
Larry Smith Outdoors. I’ll tell
ya what, this morning we aregonna be fishing smallmouth
with our good friend Brian
Clairmont. How’s it going?Hey Brian, you know what, you
always have somethinggood going for us, I’ll tell ya
that! It is always a pleasureto come up because we always
eat well, and we always catch
quite a fewfish too! Tell everybody out
there today what wegot going here. Well first of
all, we like to feed you! I
appreciate that!We like to eat, fish like to
eat. I agree. What I got going
on here isa pretty good smallmouth bite.
The wind direction switched a
little bit so we’re gonna use
some live baittoday for some big fish. I’ve
been pulling some 20s. . . 20 inch smallmouth? Yes sir!
Holy cats! These are them big
bay fish too!Yep! Plus we’ve been getting
some nice northerns. Actually
the other day I caught a 43. 5
inch northern!That’s a giant pike! We might
pop one of them today! That’s
kind of a cool part aboutfishing this area is you never
know what you’re gonna catch. We’re obviously gonna be
targeting smallmouth today, but
I’ll tell ya what!There’s always some surprises
when we fish with you! For
sure! I’m sure we’re gonna get
a few drumtoday too. But I don’t care
what anybody says about drum,
we’ve been getting some up to
15 poundsthey’re fun to catch! Right!
Hey I’ll tell ya what, since
you’re always cooking us a tonof food and I’m leaving stuffed
all the time, I brought
competition today!I brought my son Sawyer with
us! Maybe he’ll catch a couple
fish. . . But I’ll guarantee you one
thing, he’ll definitely put a
dent in that food that you cook us. Good
deal! Sawyer’s a good guy, he
deserves it too, man!Hey stay tuned! Let’s see what
happens today up here on the
Menominee Riverwith our good friend Brian
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grocery store. Here we go! I’ll tell
you what! I got a hairjig on. . . Ooh! That’s a nice
fish I’ll tell ya that! Just
kinda poppingthat hair jig. I just moved up
on that break. Oh that’s a nice smallmouth
Larry! Alright! Nice one. They are fighters! I love them
smallmouth! Inch for inch,
pound for poundjust don’t get any better!
Nice! That’s a nice one to
start the day! Hold that one up
Brian. Your fish! You hold your own
fish sir! Alright buddy! Thank
you!You know what, all I did was
start popping that hair jigjust off the break right there.
I’ll tell ya, that smallmouth
justexploded on that! Nice! Good
way to start the morning off!Purple hair jig! Good job!
Let’s get another one! Aww! It’s gonna be the Larry
Smith show again! Look at that
one jumping out there! That’s a
dandy!Holy cats! I’m telling ya! Inch
for inch, pound for pound!These are some dandy fish!
That’s a toad!That’s a toad! Whoo ho ho!
That’s two casts in a row, boys!You the man, Larry! Nope. Just
got the righthair jig on. That’s a nice fish
right there! Good job!Nice fish! I’ll tell ya what
Brian! I picked up these hair
jigs from our good friendsover at Dick Smith’s Bait and
tackle down there. I’m liking
them! They areexcellent hair jigs! I’m liking
them! Look at that!There nice fish too! They’re
built good. There we go! Nice job!
You’re just workingOh look at that! That’s a
dandy! I love that! That’s one thing
that is so coolabout them smallmouth; when
they come flying out of that
water! Like I said, inch for
inchpound for pound, there he goes!
That is a dandysmallmouth my friend! Here he
comes! Get that one! Holy cats!There we go! There’s a 20!
Let’s measure that one!That’s a nice fish. That’s what
we’re out here for! Right!Oh yeah hes 20. 20. 25. That’s a
nice fish!Hey I’ll tell ya what Brian!
That is a dandy! 20. 25! Them
are great smallmouth. You could all the
way up to Chequamegon Bay to
catch them kind of fish butwe’rre catching right here on
the Bay of Green Bay! You know
what?I see you were just casting and
working that current break.
Let’s let that big female go. Let’s keep working that break.
I’ll tell ya! I can’t believe
the amountof fish that stack up on the
edge of this current. They’re
piled in here. We’ve been killing them! Like I
said, I’ve been doing 30 fish
days andlots of 20 inchers. Just missed
one! We gotta get this one back
so we can get another one!Awesome! Let’s get some more!
Alright! Cmon Sawyer!There she goes. Hate to even show this one
compared to that big 20 incher
you just caught!Right. 20 incher would eat that
one. He would. But that does give me 3 and I
do take the lead. . . Hey, we’ll fix that! Why does he always make
everything into a competition?It makes it more fun! It does!Yep. You were right! You know
I’ll tell you what, Dan. You
were 100% right. I’m throwing this paddle tail
and this is probably about the 10th cast. Little better
fish. I just did a straight retrieve
and a nice pauseon it and that fish picked
right up on it! You know it’s
amazinghow you can throw a bait and if
it’s not presented perfectlyThere you go. Nice one. I take the lead! Yep. You know
what! I’m not gonna hold thisfish too long so you get to far
ahead! No that’s good! Keep
holding that fish!
Back in the drink. . . Thanks. Oh! I thought his lurewas still stuck in the net and
it’s not! No I got that outta
there! There we go! Oh! That’sa dandy! Big one! That’s a big
bass!Look at that drag! Look at that
reel! Oh that’s a nice
fish!Look at the size of that! Oh!
That is a lunker!That’s a lunker! Look at the
size of that smallie! Wow! Whoo ho ho ho ho! That’s
fun!I’ll tell ya that Brian! Oh
that is a tank! Nice fish!Get him, get him. We’ll get
him. Nice fish!Nice fish, Lar. Brian you got
one going!I got one! We got a double!
While the rod was sitting down!Oh this is a good fish too!
Hey! He forgot about my fish!
Sorry! You know, this is some awesome
fishing! I love to fish
smallmouth!Any kind of fish, but when they
fight like this, this is
amazing!Inch for inch, pound for pound,
and the beautiful day we have
today!Let’s get these back and get
some more! I’m on it! Hey
Sawyer, you gonna start
catching some fish? Kyle Sorenson here from OB
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Wisconsin’s longest running
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Lynch! Well Larry. Yeah buddy. With
all this fishing you do andlack of sleep and everything
else, I really worry about your
health. You do?You’re worrying about my
health? You eat all those
snacks that really probablyain’t that good for you, look
what I got you! Organic roasted
seaweed snack! WInter harvest! Are you
kidding me? Try that my friend!Seaweed?? He really wants me to eat
seaweed?I hope you don’t mind, but I
might not finish this whole
thing. . . It looks like a fruit
roll-up! Ugh! Is that
horrible!Man! You gotta eat all that
before youget any of Cindy’s bread!
I’ll tell ya what,
I’ll eat it justbecause I want that bread.
That’s absolutely horrible!You know what that looks like?
What? That looks like the stuff
I scrape off the bottomof my lawnmower!
Maybe it is. . . Kinda smells like it too! Come
right off that breakagain! I’ll just flip this one
in. He’s not big enough. He’s scrappy though! It’s a
nice fish! Real nicefish! The ole flipper!The ole flipper! I’ll tell ya
what! Just working that bait
perfectly offof that break, and as it comes
out of that 10-12 foot it drops
downto about 22-24? Yep, yep! And
I’m just letting that baitslide right down it. That
paddle tail. . . Here we go!
Sawyer’s got one!Keep him on this time! He’s had
enough of them on, he just can’tseem to seal the deal! Let’s see how good your net man
is. . . Good fish! Look at that! Didn’t
even put the net in the water!
Like netting butterflies. . . Nice job! Hold that fish up. There we go!
That’s a nice fish too!Yep that’s a big one! Again,
just pitching on thatbreak our there and letting it
come down. I’m using a 10lb test
superbraid on here. I’ve got 10lb test P-line
flourocarbon on there for a
leader. About a 3 foot leader. There
she goes! Nice fish!Wanna hold that one up Sawyer?
Are we having fun, or are we
having fun?We’re having fun like always!
Oh that’s a giant! Ohh!That’s a hog! Keep him on!
That’s a big fish! Holy cats!I just came off that break and
this one was a lot deeper!I went about 8 casts in a row
without catching one! Whoa ho
ho ho!That’s a 20-21. That’s a big
fish! That is definitely a big
fish!That fish was laying right on
the edge of that ledge. I let that netcraft paddle tail
come right down it!That’s a tank!That’s a toad! That really is a
tank! He might jump again. Oh
my gosh!Get that one! Yes!
That’s a big fish! That is a
tank!That’s a tank! Hold that one up
Sawyer! No you gotta hold that
one! Whoo ho!You’re in the good light, you
hold it. That’s the biggest one I’ve
ever seen! Larry Smith! That’s
22 easy!That is a tank! That’s why
we’re out here! I’ll tell ya
what!Nice fish Larry. These
netcrafts! I am just absolutelycrushing them on there! And you
look at the size of that,
that’s probably21 maybe 22 inch smallmouth
right there! Again,just kinda casting on the edge
of that break right there and
bringing it down. This is a ball! I’ll tell ya
that! This is definitely world
classsmallmouth fishing! Let’s let
her go. See yagirl! Ha ha ha! Gotta love it!
I’ll tell ya that! Hey Shotgun Steve Schafer in
the kitchenwith Brittany Hoffman again.
She came back for another
episode, she was so happyshe was concerned she wasn’t
gonna get enough in, so I said
we’ll make one more recipe girl!What I did was I cleaned out
the refridgerator. I got venison, ham, some
Burgers Smokehouse bacon, potatoes, some chicken
breasts from the other night we
made,Brittany is gonna throw it all
in the frying pan, and put some
eggs in there,cheese, some seasoning, on a
hoagie bun, then we’ll call it
a day. Sounds good! Everybody’s been
bugging me for this recipe,
they saw it up north on the
River when I did the sho. Caveman didn’t get a bite.
We’re gonna make it today, and
let the caveman have some. Let’s make plenty cause
everybody’s hungry!
Yeah!Caveman’s like an empty leg for
food. She’s getting hot, lets
throwthe potatoes in first and put a
little crust on them. Sounds
good!There’s the noise we all love
to hear! That’s your gig right
there! Put some bacon in there. Don’t
be shy people!A little venison from the other
nightwe made fajitas. . . Look the potatoes are getting
brown. See folks, that’s what
you want. All this stuff is just
leftovers! We just threw it all
in a frying pan. You close? Everything getting
warm? Yep. 3 eggsin here scrambled. Whoa!
They’re jumping out! Well lets
get this in thereso they stay in. Move it all around here? Yep.
And I got mozzarella and the 4 blend mexican cheese. Let’s get that cheese on there.
Don’t be shy with the cheese?Is that the saying? Yep.
Alright lets see what we got
here. We’ll turn the heat down. Hold that over the top. . . See
the stuff clinging to it?Ooh! Look at the steam! Ready
Brittany? I am ready!Don’t be shy! Whoa! Look at that cheese
melting, the bacon, the ham,
potatoesOoh! Look! One for you,one for me! Sorry
Caveman!I’m getting stiffed again on
the junkyard sandwich!
Look it! I’ll even do it like
on TV! I’ll cut it on an angle
like that. . . Beautiful!Sticks to the knife. . . Look at
that steaming! Look at how soft
thatGreebees Hoagie is! Ready? I am
ready! Mmm. Bacon right off the bat!
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smartphone armband!Thats the sonarphone by Vexilar! Ooh! This is a good
fish! Oh I had one too!This is a good fish! Oh yeah!
Look at that! Whoa!This is a toad! Oh that is a
big one! I had one at the same
time!This is a toad! Wow! Lookat the power! That’s
a big fish. Let’s see if you got a good net
man. I can’t get him up from
under the boat!Wow! This is a good fish! That
is a tank! There he is!It’s amazing the girth on these
fish! Look at that fish! That’s
a pretty fish!That’s what I’m talking about!
I love the colors on them too!Nice job! That’s a tanker!C’mon Sawyer! You gonna catch
one of them? That’s a toad!This is why I have Larry here!
This has been just phenomenalfishing the last couple weeks!
And the next 6 weeks should be
phenomenalas well! I’ll tell ya Brian,
when this bite stops you justhead up above the dam and fish
all the other sections too! I
haven’t had to go up therewith the current the way it is,
they’ve been piled out here so
this is where I’ve been banging
on them!Where there’s fish, you’ll see
BAC! Right!Keep her going! Let’s get
another one! See ya baby! Oh that’s a nice long
fish! Yep! A double! Gotta a double!
Whoa! That’s a nice fish! You can flip yours in. Yeah
I’ll flip mine. Thats a nice
fish! I’ll tell ya what!That is a nice bass! That’s my
biggest bass for sure! That’s a
dandy!That is a good fish. Real nice fish. I guess we can see yours. . .
Well mine’s not quite as big as
Sawyers fish. . . It’s all in that pause. It is.
It’s amazing how them fish,
that baithas to be presented to them
just proper or they won’t hit
it! I got a Smith netted here! That’s a nice fish!
I’ll tell ya that!See it took him a little bit to
get that technique down. Now I
got it down. . . With that paddle tail. Another
nice fish. Good job Sawyer! Thank you!Yeah. Really nice bass! That’s
a good one! Heck yeah!I’ll tell ya what! It’s been
fish after fish. I’m not gonna even net him.
I’ll just grab him. If he gets
off, he gets off. Hey it’s been BIG fish after
big fish! It has! No doubt!No doubt! Lots of fish! Lots of
fun!Look at that! That one’s
definitely 20 inches I would
say again. That’s our third or 4th one
over 20 today! Yep. I tell ya what! That VMC hook!
Boy!With that plastic is absolutely killer! Gotta love that! What a
pretty fish! See ya girl. This week’s tip of the week is
brought to you by our good
friends over at Mikes Country
Meats and I’ll tell ya,when you’re smallmouth fishing
like this and the action’s fast
and furious,what you want to do is when
somebody catches a smallmouth,
you wanna definitely haveanother person throw in right
behind them. What they’re doing
is these smallmouthare gorging themselves on
alewives, and when you’re
pulling them inthey’re spitting out their
stomachs to try to throw the
jig. That’s this weeks tip of the
week brought to you by our good
friends over atMikes Country Meats. Finest
jerky on the planet. Hey I’ll tell ya what! When the
fishing is this hot and heavy,
there’s only one thingI’m gonna put my rod down for.
That’s the Badger Sportsmanmagazine. Check it out! Hey I’ll tell ya what! I can’t
talk about it enough. These new
fenders byDowco. Especially when you’re
coming into a pier like this. The breakwall. You have solid
concrete here. There’s no way I
would bring this boat inhere without those fenders.
They are the cat’s meow! Hey I’ll tell ya what! What an
unbelievablemorning we had up here at
Marinette fishing for
smallmouth. Some of thebest smallmouth fishing that
I’ve ever experienced. I’ll
tell ya Brian,Wow! What a way to finish it
off! We’re gonna have some
Burgers Smokehouse ribs,and walleye cheeks, and cheesy
potatoes! You know what, it
doesn’tget much better than this! If
people want to get ahold of
you, how can they geta hold of you to experience
what we experienced today on
these smallmouth. You can check
meout on Facebook at BAC Guide
Service or give me a call on my
home phone: 735-7346. Come and enjoy!
We had a blast today!Folks come see me, same thing!
That’s awesome! I appreciate
that buddy!Another thing, make sure
everybody watches us on our
social media sites,like Facebook, make sure you
like us on that, and make sure
you subscribe to ourYouTube channel. Every one of
our shows since we started this
show, is on YouTubeso check us out on YouTube too.
And remember like I always say,What a great day to be alive!
Let’s do a toast here Larry!A cheek toast! To you my
friend! Life don’t get any
better! Mmm mmm mmm! You know what Sawyer? I’m gonna
let you handle that!
She’s all yours!You want to try an interesting
combination?Pickled eggs and chocolate chip
cookies. Breakfast of champions!
Retrieve pattern, oops there he
goes!I had a slow netter. . . I betcha
Kent Andersen would have
something to say about that!We won’t bring that up about
Kent Andersen. . . I hate toadmit this, but I think we
finally found a vessel that might, I’m saying might.
outrun the Warrior. Look at this! Hey you wanna do
another tip of the day?When you’re underneath that
many sea gulls, don’t look up
with your mouth open!Yep. Good tip.

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