Getting Gill Nets off the Columbia River

A slightly updated version of the original Gill Netting PSA we did for CCA Oregon. We fixed a typo on the listing of ESA fish.

Sponsored by the Oregon chapter of the Coastal Conservation Association, this Public Service Video tells the story of the historic agreement, between Oregon and Washington states, to remove commercial gillnets from the lower Columbia River. Unfortunately the gillnet lobby and ODFW Wildlife commission have proposed scraping the plan at the 11th hour (2016 is the last year of transition) and have basically squandered over $10M is fees from sport fisherman to get this done.

Why do we make a Public Service Announcement? – Sometimes footage can’t wait another season to be seen as part of a show. We create PSAs for the critical issues we film in hopes of providing another tool for the people and organizations driving change, to tell the story until it airs as an Eco-Moment on the show.


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