Gerald Swindle Is At It Again | Bass Fishing

Gerald Swindle: Man, y’all’s boat got all
kinds of neat stuff. Y’all got plier holdersand padded carpet and push buttons. I’m old
school, babe. I’ve got twist knobs. I throwmy pliers on the floor. Casey Ashley: That’s where mine stay anyway. Gerald Swindle: And my feet are tough anyway.
They don’t need pad. Look here, got this sweatband. That booger son, that sucker’s fine,
right there. Because you ain’t got nothingto wipe your nose with right now. Casey Ashley: I’ve got my gloves. Gerald Swindle: Yeah, that glove gets rough
about noon. Casey Ashley: Nah, this is just my driving
gloves here. Gerald Swindle: Oh, you got those soft ones?Casey Ashley: Yeah, I got some soft ones. Gerald Swindle: I was going to say, you run
that nose down on that Velcro one time, you’llhit the floor like someone hit you with a
jab. Ho! I got them at Academy. I said, lookhere. Then when you get snot, you just twist
it around until you hit a dry spot. Then youflip it over the next day so you don’t double

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