Frog Fishing Disc Two

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John Paul Ghetty once said ? I would rather have 1% of 100 people?s efforts than 100% of my own efforts! It certainly seems to make sense doesn?t it?

Welcome to part two of FROGFISHING – how to be successful in the wonderful world of member get member marketing, which is also known as multi-level marketing, relationship marketing and network marketing.

It is a style of business that has created more independent millionaires than any other. For many others it has created secondary incomes from just a few hundred pounds extra per month right up to tens of thousands of pounds per month. MLM is a logical and proven method of word of mouth marketing that creates a quick and effective penetration of a product or service into the marketplace: one which some of the top brand names in the world adopt-Virgin use the concept and so too American Express use this concept to help increase their membership. Indeed, word of mouth is actually the most effective method of marketing any product. No question.

With network marketing/MLM not only do you get paid for recommending a product or service but you can also achieve a small over-ride on the efforts of the people you recommend. It is often the smallest percentage within many commission plans but nearly always the most powerful.
Successful networkers have in the past and will in the future build large groups or organisations of up to 1 million people. With the advent of the web this is probably more achievable than ever. Others have and will only build a group of a few hundred people. Others have and will build absolutely nothing. Diddly squat!

So here is the first truth about network marketing. The system works-people don?t!

For those that do there lies untold wealth and for others a very nice extra income each month. What I do believe is this: that anybody who truly puts their mind to it, and I emphasise the word mind, could or can build a group of 1000 people over a period of time.

If you gained an over-ride of say just 10 on each of those thousand members of your group every month that would give you an income of 120,000 per annum. The fabulous thing is that income is like receiving royalties for a song that you have written that becomes successful. Every time some one plays it you get paid. It?s called passive income and is one of the biggest attractions to the concept of network marketing.

In this second part of this audio production I am going to share with you the fundamentals of building a large and successful network marketing organisation-what to do and what not to do.

You will be able to take the information on this tape and apply it to whichever company you have decided to work together with and if you follow the principles in this audio you should soon find yourself well on the road to achieving whatever it is that you desire from the company with whom you are partnering.

I use the expression partnering because in principle that is exactly what you will be doing: becoming a working partner of the company you have decided to become involved with.

I also used the expression ?whatever it is that you desire from the company?. This is one of the key factors to your potential success. You see, there is actually a substantial amount of money to be made within the network marketing arena-yet most people make very little. That?s a fact! Why though you may ask yourself.

The answer is a simple one. All success is fuelled by desire. Not by wishing and not by hoping. Your desire to succeed and the strength of that desire will determine the outcome of whatever it is you should choose to do in life.

This is a point that I will return to and embellish upon later on in this audio.


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