hey guys this is the first ever bass fishing video for the KDOG & Uncle daddies misadventures channel, I hope you all enjoy this video! the gear that i am using in the video is

1)the bass rod i am using is a 6ft6 Shakespeare rod it is a medium to heavy style!
2)the real is also a Shakespeare durango it is a good real if you are using it in open water but it is not to strong when you use it for from fishing in heavy top water cover!
3)I an paring this whole combo up with 30 pound power pro braided line! you should really use stronger line such as 60 pulse pound line when fishing a frog in heavy cover but i like to live on the edge
4)the lure that i am using is a KVD Sexy Frog it is am amazing lure i have caught around 70 bass since February 10 2016 so i do recommend this lure if you want to start frog fishing! it is a 10 dollar lure and you find at wall-mart BTW its the pumpkin seed color that i am using!


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