Fishing With Megabass Lures


I would like to talk to you about some of the most highly sought after tackle by american bass fisherman for the excellent craftsmanship, and flat out fish catching ability. Thats right, Megabass! Megabass USA only gets a small portion of megabass lures in each year from Japan, so when the new orders come in, if your tackle shop was lucky enough to get half of what you ordered, you are usually sitting on a gold mine that is going to be sold out within a day or two.

Some of the most popular megabass lures are the Ito Vision 110, in Pro Blue, and Deadly Black Shad. I have seen people offer thousands of dollars for a handful of these baits. Some keep them as collectors items, and others use them in tournament fishing regularly. Some other very popular lures made by megabass are the griffons, and cyclones. These are small crankbaits that are great around cover and don’t get hung up easily. They come in a variety of great colors, and are all hand painted in Japan.

The price is usually hard to swallow for the first time megabass buyer, but once they get using them, they are hooked! The fear many bass fisherman have is that the lure is only designed to catch the fisherman instead of the fish. But you can rest assured, while they are out to make money, their hand crafted lures do catch fish. Megabass is often the only lure of choice when going for a crankbait, but they also make a variety of great spinner baits, super light rods, tackle boxes, stickers, hats, t-shirts and more.

For the first time megabass buyer, I would suggest buying a Pop Max or a dog X jr. These are some of the most amazing top water baits I’ve ever used in my life. Try them out, test it for yourself, and you’ll see. You can find them at several online retailers, but be prepared to spend upwards of 20-30 dollars per lure, for brand new ones.

Occasionally you can find them at tackle shops, but the selection is usually low, due to the fact that most tackle shop owners can’t afford to put many in stock.

I have a single tackle box with about 30 lures in it worth over $600 alone. Its my go to box, and I highly recommend you find some.

My advice for shopping for other high end lures is to ask others who have bought them first about their experience using them before you put out the money. While my megbass box is my go to box, I catch a lot of fish on a good old Bandit 100. Price isn’t what makes a bait a quality bait! All you simply need to do is go to google and type in “megabass review” or “whatever lure you are considering to buy review” and you are bound to get some great feed back from other bass fisherman.


Source by Tyler James Ellison

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