Fishing with Johnny Johnson – Canyon Lake with Max Hernandez

There’s one. -Get him?
-Yep. -Get him?
-Yeah. -Alright Max!Bring him in son!Oh, that’s a good fish!That’s a good fish!Get him. Boy, he’s taking
it, isn’t he?-Oh yeah. They got some
shoulders on them. -And you’re using a bait
caster, drop shotting,I love it. Love it. 12 pound test leader?
-Yeah. -Oh my goodness. Get up here little dude. Man, fight it out. Yeah, they’re
eating crawdad. You can tell by
looking at them. Look at how large that
little dude is. . Come on!Come on come on come on. There we go. There you are!He swallowed it son!
-Yeah. -Nice fish. There you go. -Yeah, see how
orange they are?-Look at that. Look at that fish. Oh, you got him deep, too.
-Yeah. -Anyways. . Folks, today
we’re at Canyon Lake. We’re gonna have
a good time today. He got me all wet- that
fish. . that- splattered mysunglasses and everything. We’re with Max Hernandez. And I’ll tell you what:
a great fisherman,and he’s done really well
the last couple of years. And he says “Hey Johnny,
you want to see some fishon Canyon?”And I’m like “Sure,
I’d love to”. Here we go!Great job man, great job. -Thank you.
-You need cutters?-Yeah.
-Here’s some cutters. -Anyways, it’s good
to have him on. We’re going to fish today-
we’re throwing some dropshots out here. Now, we’ve had some issues
with our lakes this yearbecause we haven’t had
a whole lot of water,having this golden
algae bloom,and everybody thinking
the lakes are all dead. I think Apache got hit the
worst and- and it reallydid take a- a
heck of a hit. But, um, you know, this
lake, a lot of people werewondering about it. And that’s one of the
reasons we came out. Just to see what’s
going on out here. And uh, Max told me- what-
in the meeting the otherday at Bass Pro Shops,
he’s like, you know,these fish are still here. There’s fish here. And you know, it didn’t
get hit as hard as everybodysays it got hit, so. . And I
think you just proved that. We’re out here 10 minutes,
and he catches a fish. So we’re gonna go around. The other difference is:
show us your outfit here,man. He’s throwing a dropshot. And this is what I was
trying to tell folks: youknow, you can throw a drop
shot on a bait cast uh,equipment if you like. What size rod is- what-
tell me the equipmentyou’re using here. -Uh, using a
DD 26 uh, rod. It’s a medium- 7 foot
medium uh, fast action. -Okay. -And uh, I just-
I personally,just like using a bait
caster for the dropshot. Um, I grew up
fishing, you know,with the whole ‘finger
on the line’ type thing. -Mmm hmm. -And uh, I just- I feel
more bites that way than Ido off of a
traditional, you know,dropshot spinning outfit. -Well, I’ll tell you
what, that thing works outpretty good. Now tell us the size
braid you’re using. -I’m using 40 pound braid
and uh, 12 pound fluoro. -And there you have it. And we’re- I’m doing
the same thing. I’m using a Taipan- my
Signature Series drop shot rod. And it’s an awesome- I
use the spinning outfitbecause we’re in open
water and things. But if you feel
comfortable enough- andthat was living proof
right there with your baitcaster- and a
lot of guys do. And they’re like ‘oh,
I don’t want to go to adropshot because I have
to use a spinning outfit’. You don’t have to use a
spinning outfit to catchfish, drop shotting. You can use your bait
caster as well, so uh,that kind of took that
theory right out thewindow, so.
-Oh yeah. -Anyways, we’re gonna
get to fishing here. See if we can’t go work
our way around thesepoints and uh- you
know, these fish are. . . We’re here during
a full moon. -Yeah. -So we got a lot
of work to do here. Hopefully we can
catch some fish. I know that you said you
had like a 40 fish day orsomething?-Yeah, we had a 50 fish
day one day and- and rightaround 40 another day,
and 35 another day, so. -Yeah, that was before
the full moon now. We’re during
the full moon,so you can’t hold us
accountable to catch thatmany today, but
we’re gonna try. -We’re gonna try!We’re gonna
give them heck!-Let’s get it done son!That was an awesome,
awesome start!Re-tie, and let’s
get to work!There’s one!There’s one!
-Nice!-Max, you’re right, dude!
-I told you. -You find that school. . . Two minutes after
he catches his fish,here I come!Come on. . Come on. I don’t think he’s
as big as yours. Well, he’s. .
Where’s he at?I don’t think he’s
as big as yours. Oh. . Well, I don’t know. -They got some
shoulders, right?-They don’t fight until
they get up close to theboat, you know?
-Yeah. -Oh yeah, that’s a
pretty good little fish. That’ll work. Oh! I was trying to
get your sunglasses wet!-Yeah, right?-Alright, bud. Alright!He ain’t quite as big as
yours, but he’ll work. The ‘Super Bass
Man’ strikes again! What was that,
two fish?-What. . First cast?-Yeah, right after that. . . -Yeah.
-Look at that. Beautiful fish. Look at how fat they are.
-They are fat. You see the gut on that?That’s what he’s talking
about: they’re feeding upgood.
-Oh yeah. -They gotta be eating good
crawdads in this area. We’re in the rocky
areas, where they’re at. But, you know, I’m
throwing that ArizonaCustom Baits uh,it’s more of an
oxblood with redflake in it.
-Mmm hmm. -But it’s the
light oxblood. You know,
because he says,use something with red or
orange or something in it. So I’m like ‘Ah. . . ‘. I’m going through all of
my worms, and I’m like,”Oh, let’s try these”. So but really, it’s
a straight tail worm,4 inch- or 6 inch. It gets the job done. Set that hook!Get him?
-Yep. -I’m down here trying
to get my rod ready,he’s got a fish on!Did you water-mooch
my spot? Did you see that, folks?-It’s a little guy. -You’ll be able to
swing him in, huh?-Yeah. -Look at that. There you go. Another Canyon Lake bass!Look at that. You caught him on
that, kind of a,patty craw color, huh?-Yeah. -Yeah, that’s uh,
that’s awesome. Something with a
little orange in it. Perfect for
crawdads folks,when you’re out here.
-Mmm hmm. -We’re in a rocky area,
and that’s where thecrawdads are. You know folks, you want
to- you want to fish therocky spots. If you get away from that,
and you’re not getting alittle bit hung up, then
you’re really not in theareas you need to be in. And it- it- it
really, you know,to be a good
fisherman, I think,and do this kind of
fishing- even with jigs-you’re gonna have to learn
that re-tying’s part ofthe game. It just really is. Because if you
want to get bit,you know. . It’s just-
you put yourself in thatsituation. Haven’t even tossed
out there again yet!What are you
doing to me, son?Oh, that’s a
nicer fish!Way to go Max!Nicer fish, right there. Hey, we’re in it!We’re in the- we’re
in the fish now. Oh!Did you see anything? I didn’t! Nice fish!-Wow, look at that.
-Good job. I didn’t even get a
chance to throw out yet. I just put my
drop shot on. Oh, look at that folks!Look where he
hooked that fish. -Barely on it. -He’s uh- we’re lucky we
got that one to the boat. Nice job. Okay. Are you serious? Another one?Alright. . Alright. . Alright, now it’s on!I want that worm!Now we’re starting to
figure out color, here. Eww yeah!That’s a nicer fish. You need some help?
-No, I got it. -You sure?
-Yeah. -There you go. We haven’t moved
from the spot, folks. Of course, he must
have the sweet spot. He brings me over here,
tells me “They’re all upand down this”,
and I’m casting,and he keeps casting
in the same spot:”Oh, there’s a fish”!-It’s a real subtle bite. -Sure it is!
-Yeah. -Turkey! “It’s a real subtle bite. . “-There’s a fish. -He’s got one!He’s got one!Another fish! There you go Max!Man, you’re tearing it up!He’s got the secret worm! Look at that!That’s a nicer fish, huh?Good job. What is that, three?-Ahh. . 2 1/2. -I love it. . They’re
always bigger when’we’ catch them, you know?
-Yeah. -No, that’s nice. There we go!There we go son! Well, it’s not
quite as big as yours,but it’s a fish!-It’s a fish!-There you go. That’s why you got
that spongy tip. Well. . There’s fish
along this bank. I just had to switch back
to the worm I caught thefirst fish on. I switched three
different colors of worms,and I finally went back to
that straight tail oxbloodred flake, and got it. How do you like
that- those apples?That’ll hit the spot. -There you go. -See? I told you I
could catch a fish. -I know you could. Can I catch one now?-No!You can’t!
-I was on pause!-Who’s show do you
think this is, anyway? Hey, that was fun!
-Yeah. -One thing I think we’ve
all learned during the dogdays of Summer, and. . . You know, I get a little
bit of the grief a littlebit. I gotta admit, Max, I get
a little bit of the griefabout pulling out the drop
shot rod on some- on somany shows, and
things like that. But living in Arizona?If you don’t have
a dropshot, man,you’re in trouble. -Yeah. -At times. Not all the time. But at times, I think you-
it’s part- it’s somethingyou really gotta have in
your repertoire of goingout fishing. I mean, it’s- it’s
like in the old days,split shotting was
the ticket, you know?-Yep. -And- boy, this dropshot’s
the ticket when it’s slow,you know?-Yeah. It’s- it’s- it’s
definitely uh,something that every-
every angler here inArizona needs to
have in an arsenal. -Yeah.
-It really does. Oh! I was shaking it off
that rock and he hit it!Can you believe that?Well. . Maybe that’s the ticket.
-Yeah. -I was just dead sticking
it instead of- I should’veuh, been shaking
it the whole time. -Got him, or do you
want me to get him?-I got it. Can you believe
that happened?That happens
once in a while. -Oh yeah. -That’s why it’s important
to shake it a little bitbefore you go yanking it
all off the- he pulled itoff the stick, or the log,
or the rock and everythingthere. He’s not a big fish
folks, but he’s a keeper. ‘Sardine’ keeper,
but we’ll take him. That was funny. Because that- I’d
just got hung up,and I was just gonna go
over there and try to getit off, because I’ve been
breaking off quite a bit. And I’m like
“You know what?I can probably get over
there and get that bait. “And I’m sitting
there shaking it,thinking I can get it
off, and he smacked it. That’s happened to me at
Lake Pleasant, Roosevelt. -It’s happened to me
quite a few times. -Once in a while,
when you get hung,it doesn’t hurt to shake
the worm a little, does it?-Or when you pop
it off, you know,when it finally pops off,
let it sit there for asecond. -Yeah, if you can
get- yeah, exactly. Folks, Max’s got a- a little
thing here with his uh,bait casting outfit
and of course,dropshot and everything,
that he can explain to you. It’s a great tip when you
want to rig up a dropshotrig and have your leader. Go ahead and tell
us how you do that. -Yeah, so on my
leader, um, you know,on a typical
uh, spin-cast,your fluoro-leader
is a lot shorter. -Exactly. -Um, what I’ve- what
I’ve tested and learned,that I usually use
a lot longer leader. So I get about,
I don’t know, uh,probably 15 foot or so?That way, it winds
up on the spool,so when you- when you
cast, the knot, you know,from your braid to
your fluoro, uh,doesn’t get- doesn’t get
hung up on your eyelets. Um, I tried it from
different lengths andnow, now I just go to
where it’s a good,I don’t know, five, six
rounds on thespool, um, you know,
at cast length. And it casts
really smooth,it goes through the
guides really good so. . -Good tip, yeah. -If you’re going to use a-
if you’re gonna use a baitcaster, that’s the way
to set it up, for sure. -Alright, good tip. Because a lot of times
when we’re using thespinning outfit, you
know, you want your leaderbetween these two guides,
or right behind this one. A lot of times between
these two guides when youreel up to cast. We don’t reel the knot up
in this- in this spool. -Yeah. -You can, with that,
because it comes off adifferent way, evidently. -Yeah. -And you haven’t had
any issue with the it?-Never. -So, there you go. When you put
your leaders on,just reel a little bit up
into the- into the spool,so you can get
a good cast. And plus, look
at your guides. They’re a little bit
smaller coming out,so it really helps
for the cast. Great Tip of
the Week, Max!-Thank you. -Not a bad looking fish. He’ll do, in a pinch!Just a little guy. I caught that one a
little- he swallowed it. You know, and that’s
something think aboutfolks. Max, you were
saying that. . . We went a while without
catching a fish. -Yeah. -And Max says, he
says “You know what?”I was using a real-
a lot longer leader. And I think- I gotta retie
here but- you were sayingwe need to probably go
a little bit longer. Look how long
that leader is. That’s what. . 2 feet?-Yeah. -Foot and a
half, at least. But, so it’s a little bit
longer leader we’re going with. I went to the longer
leader and caught thatlast fish. So. . Sometimes, just playing
with the leader a little bit. Because if they’re way on
the bottom, that’s fine. But when they’re a
little suspended up,and they’r he ase the kind
of moving up and eatingshad, then coming
down and eaten craw,I don’t know. . You know,
you can let that- thatworm free fall uh,
a little longer. You know–With the longer
leader, yeah. -Little longer
leader, yeah. And uh, I don’t know,
it’s- it worked out. I caught that fish, there. Can’t complain. I’ll re-tie. There’s a fish. -Got him?
-Yep. -Good one?Alright Max, you got one!We came right back to that
spot and he catches one. Right back to that spot,
and that’s a nice one. -It’s a little better.
-You need help?That’s probably the big
fish of the day rightthere, for us. Close anyway, huh?That’s a good fish, dude. Uh-oh, you barely got him. We don’t want to
lose that fish. Oh, you had him good. Right in the nose. Good job!Folks, and there
you have it!We left this area, where
we started out thismorning, and he
said- Max is like,”Let’s go back there
because I did better inthe afternoon there”. So we came back, and
wasn’t too much longer. . -Look at his belly. -Yeah, I know. They’re big. They’re fat. -They’re eating,
they’re healthy. -Yeah, people are
thinking the lake’s dead. It’s not dead. Not dead at all. Good job man, that
was a nice fish. Nice fish. I knew you were going to
catch one out of there. Soon as I threw out
there I’m like, “Ah man,I threw in the
wrong spot!” Oh Sweet!-Oh, that feels bigger. -Is it good?-Feels a lot better. -How good?
-Oh, I don’t know. He’s coming
towards me now!-How good?What a way to end a
show right there, son!Oh yeah!Now, that’s the big
fish of the day!-Yep. -Come on!-Come on baby. -There ain’t nothing
wrong with this lake. Look at that. That’s a healthy
fish right there. Ohhh yeah!Those are the ones that
you were wanting to catch,right there.
-Yeah. -Isn’t that what you were
supposed to be bringing meout for?I’m gonna let him
jump a minute. Because I don’t want
that hook in my. . Ew,you barely got him, too. Got it!-Yes sir!-There you are son!Now there’s a
lot bigger fish!Good job!What a way to end the day!-Look at that the
belly on that fish. -Huh?Wow. You can drop shot with a
bait caster, obviously. -Yes. -With a little
heavier line. He’s shown that today. He did really well. You caught, what, six
fish today, I caught four?I mean, it was- we’ve had
a- we got a fun day today. We weren’t out
here very long. Four or five hours and-
and got a good show done. But Max, I’ll tell you, we
sure enjoyed having you onthe show today. -Thank you, sir. Thank you for having me. -Keep doing A&M
graphics a good job. -Yes, sir. -And uh, if you have
any questions for Max,he’s got a Facebook
page, too. Right?-Yes. Absolutely.
-Tell them where to go. -Uh, just Max
Hernandez on Facebook. Um, I’m not sure about
the- but you can just typein Max Hernandez,
it’ll come up. There’s not a whole bunch
of Max Hernandez’s outthere, so. -And he’s out here
fishing a lot. Not just Canyon,
but other lakes. He actually fishes
tournaments with us, too,so if you have any
questions or you want toknow what’s going on,
he might have been out,you know? You might
get some info, so. . So that’s pretty awesome. -Yeah. And if I’m ever
out on the water, uh,I get a lot of guys say “Hey
I saw you out on the water. I was gonna say hi but I
didn’t know if I shouldbother you”. Feel free. Come right over, say
hi, introduce yourself. That way, I can put
a name to a face. -Ask for a few
worms, you know. . -Yeah. I hand out
what I’m using, so. . -I hear you!
-Yeah. Well, thank you so much. It’s been a great
day on the water. Canyon Lake!We’re here towards
the end of summer,but it’s still hot
as all get out. But we’re getting
off the lake by noon. Full moon. We caught. .
What. . 10 fish. -10 fish. -So we had a
good time today. Thanks for joining
us on the show. We’ll see you next week,
I’m Johnny Johnson.

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