Fishing Power Baits in Cold Water with Kevin VanDam

We’re out here right now with the Wired2Fish
guys and we’re on Kentucky Lake. We’re tryingto follow this fall transition; we’re looking
for shad, gravel bars, grass beds, and thingslike that. When you’re watching this you’re probably
sitting at home watching the snowflakes flyand thinking about spring time early season
fishing. One of the things I really like todo is I like to get out there early. It’s
the time of the year when the fish reallyget grouped up, the water’s cold, they can
be in a big school, and you can catch someof the biggest fish of the year. I still like to
power fish. Some people think that when it’sreal cold you’ve got to slow down and fish
deep, and that’s not necessarily the case. The one thing that I’ve learned is I can really
apply a lot of those same techniques. My favoritelures for fishing that winter period and early
spring are still crankbaits. I mean yeah I’mgoing to have a jig, a swimbait, and a lot
of other things ready to go. But to coverwater and find bass you’ve really got to have
three lures that I’m going to show you. First are foremost you’ve got to have a lipless
crankbait. A 1/2 ounce Red Eyed Shad is ago-to bait for me. I’ve won a ton of money
with this. It’s very efficient for coveringflatter areas and shallower areas because
again it sinks. On a casting retrieve thisis going to get you from 0-8 foot or so. If
you’re going a little bit deeper than thatyou can go up to the 3/4 ounce model and get
it down to 10 foot or so. Fantastic if thelake you’re fishing has grass. A lot of the
lowland reservoirs that don’t have grass it’sstill perfect. Kentucky Lake, Pickwick, and
places like that have a lot of gravel bars and even though there’s not grasson them lipless crankbaits are a great tool on a lot of those
fish because of the water clarity being kindof low they will stay shallow even in 35 degrees
water so you can catch a lot of fish withthat. I try to use a slow retrieve, have just
enough contact with the bottom that I cankeep this bait bumping into coverand rip it out of the grass. PERFECT. A lot of the lakes that I fish maybe have
a little steeper banks; highland reservoirsor something like that. That’s where this
it’s called a Lucky Shad.
The unique thing about this lure is it’s gota very tight action like some other minnow
baits do, it has a really good rattle to it,and you’ll notice that the bill is a little
bit different. Most of these minnow baitsthat are on the market have a rounded bill.
This one with that square covered bill deflectsoff the rocks and cover. This is a great for
fishing rip rap, channel banks, and thingslike that. I typically throw this on a spinning
rod with light line. 10 pound test is whatgives it the livest action. Another thing
with this bait is it’s designed to almostsuspend. In cold water this bait will suspend,
and in warmer water it has a slow rise toit. I like crawdad colors if i’m cranking
the rocks and that. If it’s a clear lake andit’s coming off the bottom I’ll use a shad
pattern. I’ll tell this makes a great jerkbaitwhen you can get it out off the bank from
up shallow as it comes out into deeper water. Stop it, twitch it a few times, and let it
pause for a few seconds. It’s a great combinationcrankbait for rocks and to kind of use as
a jerkbait. Which leads me to the jerkbait. The big that
I’m really looking for this time of year iswhat the fish are really keying on. If they’re
on the bottom eating crawfish it’s hard tobeat that Red Eyed Shad or something like
that Lucky Shad crankbait that is gettingdown into the rocks. If you’re seeing a lot of gulls around and
shad dying on the surface you know that thebass are going to be suspended and that’s
where a suspending jerkbait like this StrikeKing KVD Jerkbait really come in. I love this
color right here this Crystal Shad if thewater has some clarity to it. If it’s a little
more stained you can use some Chartreuse SexyShad or something like that. The thing about the jerkbait is you’ve got
to have clear water. These other crankbaitsnot so much if you’ve got stained or dirty
water they’re still going to work. If youdon’t have clear water this is not even an
option. I like to have a least 2- 2 1/2 footof clarity and see be able to see it that
far down before I even pull out a jerkbait. If I’ve got really clear water that’s when
this really shines. In the early spring orthe winter time these three baits can help
you find the fish quick and they’re stillreally good at catching them. I call them
search and destroy baits and that’s what Iuse during this time of year.

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