Fishing Planet – Trophy Largemouth Bass Mudwater River Missouri

Catching the elusive Trophy Largemouth Bass in mudwater river.
The quality of the video isn’t to good, but i still want to share it.
(Captured 22 Feb 2017)

There are a few places to find out about peak times, they are likely to be more up to date than the times I list in most of my videos!

Deconstructed haven’t updated “Fishing Planet Ubersheet Project” for some time, but Luuc Earthstroller have started “Ubersheet Project Rebooted” to update and add new information to Deconstruted’s work.
There are also a german site out there with timetables and other information about the game, it’s mainly in german but parts of it is translated to english as well so it can still be useful.

Deconstructed’s “Fishing Planet Ubersheet Project”:

Luuc Earthstroller’s “Ubersheet Project Rebooted”:

German Zeitenliste:

(There is a link to the english translation on the page)

When catching fish for most of my Fishing Planet videos, I often use information that is already published by one or more of these great youtubers! Big thanks to you all!

Hawkeye M
Paulo Afonso
Lady of Games

A special thank you to:

I sometimes get additional info and support from various players online, a big thanks to you all!

There will be more Fishing Planet and new videos of my catches!


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