Fishing from Shore on Cape Cod for Striped Bass with Sebile Magic Swimmers

In this video we’re gonna talk abouttargeting big Striped Bass
from shore on Cape Codusing the Sebile Magic Swimmerduring the spring. So, if you’re new to My Fishing Cape Cod,hello and welcome, my
name is Ryan Collins,and let’s hop right into this video. So, with the Sebiles, any
different color will work,and any different size will also work. The nine inch, slow-sinking, are myfavorite when targeting big fish. As far as color is
concerned, I like all white,but to be honest with you, all theother colors, they, they work. Photo credit here goes
to Tim and Doug Watts,and what we have here are Herring,and here on Cape Cod during the spring,well, these Herring migrate intostreams and rivers, estuariesthe Herring run for example atBorndale, at the Cape Cod canal,and Striped Bass know this
and they take advantage. And photo credit here
goes to Colin Farrington,nice Striper attacking some Herring. So the Sebile imitates Herring very well,and all you need to do
is cast the Sebile outand reel the magic swimmer in. The lure itself does all the work for you,and that’s why I recommend
these lures so oftenespecially to folks
who are new to fishing,especially here on Cape Cod. So, right now a nice
fifteen-twenty pound fishjust came up and slammed
the magic swimmer,and a lot of the hits will
happen right on the surface,so you’ll actually see
the fish bite the lure,and, unfortunately I end
up loosing this bass,one of the first nice fish I hookedduring the spring of 2014. That happens, fortunately I found plentymore fish that were willing tobite the Sebile during this trip. Here’s one here, but of
course I lost a big one,just another good fish story. So, the Sebile Magic Swimmer,definitely recommend using it this spring,you’ll get small ones, you’ll
also get big fish on it. Now, if you’d like more videos, more tips,more articles, more reports,
I’m going fishing laterthis week, head over
to myfishingcapecod. comand I will check in
with you on the website. Tight lines and take care.

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