Fishing for Giant Freshwater Drum on the Whitemud River

– Welcome back to another vlog!We’re fishin’ a tournament this time. This is my first tournament of the year. One of the only tournaments
I’m gonna fish this year,and it’s a place I haven’t
been to in a couple of years. This is the White Mud
River we’re going to today;just north of Portage la Prairie. And I got a pretty good
partner lined up for this one. Man he’s got a long list
of tournament accolades;big fish, master anglers,and, as well, is my father,so I’m pretty pumped. This is a place we have some
good memories fishing togetherand I don’t fish with my
dad as much as I used to. So he’s taking his sweet
time drinking his coffee,we’re gonna go fishin’ right aways. We stayed last night in Portage
at the Yellow Quill Motel. So we are gonna catch some
giant freshwater drum,or at least that’s the plan. And yeah, we’re doing two
days of it, so come along! Here we are, Sportsman’s
Corner Campground. We’re gonna launch and get serious,get really serious about our nightcrawler,bottom fishing. This is it. There is a lot of good
memories right here. It was this dock or this dock, butThis is a story that I
have told many times. My dad and I were fishing
in the tournament,the second time we fished the tournament. The fish in the lead was
16 pounds at the time. It was probably one
o’clock in the afternoon. On the second day, everyone’s like,”Okay, a 16 pounder is
probably gonna win it. “All of a sudden I hooked this fish,and I was under tackled,
I will admit that. I was what, 11 or 12?- Yeah. – I think I was using a
little silver Mitchell rodand real spinning combo
with 10 pound mono,and I hooked this fish,and it starts screaming dragto the left tangling other people,and it starts screaming dragto the right, tangling
other people, and I’m like,”You guys gotta open your
bails, I got a big fish!”I didn’t know what I had. All of a sudden it comes
up, and my dad nets it,and is the biggest drum we have ever seen. We’re just losing out minds. We bring it up to the
scale, right over here. The leading fish was 16 pounds,this fish weighed in at
21 pounds three ouncesand 33 inches, which was two
inches off national recordat the time, so I was
just like, losing my mind. I’m like, “we got this in the bag,I can’t believe that I’m actually
gonna win my first derby. “We come back down to
the dock to release it,and the fish won’t swim. We tried for how long, dad?- For an hour I think. – An hour, everything short
of giving it mouth to mouth,and unfortunately it croaked. I was a sad, sad boy, and
we let that fish floatdown the river, and
become one with the river. And after that I had
vengeance on this river. I said we need to come back,
and we need to win next year,because I was disqualified,
that fish didn’t count,so the 16 pounder won and
the owners at the timesaid it was the biggest drum
they had seen in 20 years,so that was pretty cool. Next year we came back,
put in some serious hours,and we caught the first and
biggest fish of the tournament,so that felt really good. It’s a whitewater river,
just caught a 32 inch drum. 18 pounds. Oh. That was 2005 or 2006, so 12
years back, 12 years later,and we’re back. I have been back to the river since,filmed a little music
video, you may have watchedon channel. Aaron and Dylan and I had some
good times on the river here. We’re back to fish the tournament. And it’s just gonna be
good times with my dadand hopefully catch a bunch of fish. Should be a good multi
specie day and just,a lot of good memories here,so hopefully we add to that listand catch some masters. This is it! This is the big
derby everyone’s coming for. – That’s right!- Yup. This is it 10 dollar entry. You know what, I’ll spot
it for you this time. – Yeah, thank you. – Keeping all your winnings. – Make up for all the
years that I paid for you. – I told dad, this
trip everything is on me. – Alright, it’s a beautiful mornin’,just gorgeous out here. Yesterday it was raining and miserable,didn’t even think to
bring the sun tan lotion. Today we may be sorry. – What do you think?- I think this is a beautiful spot. The sun is warm, it’s shining right on us,and— Out of the wind. – Out of the wind. – We’re just gonna drop the Talon,I don’t think we’ll need a anchor. Alright so, just around the
corner there’s Lynche’s Point,where the white mud
flows into Lake Manitoba. Right here, we’re just
fishing a little 14 foot hole. So we’ll give it a shot. We’re gonna use some bottom rigs,I’ll show you guys what we’re usin’,but we’re gonna just start
by catchin’ some fish,’cause it’s how long ’till game time?- I don’t know, 10 minutes?- Five minutes, four minutes?For a nine o’clock start, we
really pushed it to the buzzer. – Yup. Seven minutes. – Seven minutes ’till game time,
ok we’re gonna get rollin’. It’s a cat fish!Not what we were hoping for. There you go, on the board. We got, carp, everything but the drum. Here you got, nice little carp. Alright, next is the drum. What do we got?Is it carp?We’re gonna save this
fish’s life right now. The carp is all tangled in the net. The goal is to free this carp. It’s a good sized carp. Just freed this baby from the net,she’s gonna live another day. Fat carp right here, 25 incher. Man, this is what we caught,
right there, awesome. What do you got, dad?- I think it’s a drum. – First drum of the tournament?You think you can just sling him in?- Yeah, I think so. – Well, this is what we came for. The silver bass, AKA fresh water drum,what the White Mud River is known for. – There we go, first one. – Number one out of the way. – Not big. I don’t think it’s worth— We’re not gonna weigh that one in. – No. – We’re just gonna toss it back. Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!Pop the hook. I don’t know, maybe a 22 incher,23 incher we’re gonna call it. We need bigger. We need bigger than that. Oh yeah!We are hammering little fish currently. It’s probably one in the afternoon now. I don’t know, we’ve caught,
20 little guys, maybe. Can’t break that 24 inch mark. I’ll hold this little guy up. So this is about the average,
but they fight really hard. You get a kid who hasn’t
done a lot of fishing,and it’s a good place to take
a kid, isn’t that right, dad?- Sure. – You’re supposed to
say, “of course it was,when I took you here as a
child, we had great times!” Oh, we got a good drum,
good drum hooked up. Should I net it and film?Is this gonna work?It’s a big drum. Dad took that, we were falling asleep. Nothing had been happening
for the past while. Take your time, it’s a little hook. It’s a little hook. Oh, we’re going right
in with this one dad,how are you feeling?Slow. What do we got?Oh, there we go,that is more what we were
looking for, right there. Throw it on the tape quickly. We got 26, so that’s a master right there. That’s more what we’re looking for. We’re gonna go ring it in. It’s not a monster, but it’s a masterand it’s worth weighing
in because the fishinghas been pretty tough for bigger fish, so. We’re gonna run it back
and come back out herefor the last hour or two of the day. Well, our fish is chillin’
and happy in the live well. We have the fish in the bag. It is not gonna put us in the lead, but— Not at all.
We’re documenting this. – We thought we’d see what we got. I’m guessing seven pounds. – Oh, you’re in third!- 10 and a quarter.
Third place there ya go. Just a nice, smooth release. As long as you can, until she kicks. – And your guys’ name?- Seamons, that’s La Verne Seamons. – La Verne?- Yeah. She’s gone, going for a cruise. Probably gonna go sit under that boat. Kind of what I guessed,we’re gonna need a 16, 17
pounder to move up into first,which is like a fat 30 incher. That was a decently
proportioned 26 incher. We’re gonna head back out,
we got two hours left,and that’s gonna be it for day one, so,hope we can get that last
bite and make it back in time. – Two hours Later. – Before we head in,
I’m gonna take my dronefor a lil’ flight, and I’m
gonna show you guys the epicnessof this location because there’s a reasonthere are so many fish
loaded in this river,you saw inside imaging,
it was just loaded. Dad you’re gettin’ bites. This river is the only
tributary in the area,and giant Lake Manitoba is over there,so it is such a magnet in the spring timefor fish to come in,
and not only big drum,big wales, big carp,
there’s a giant sucker runif you wanna go net suckers in the spring. But, I’ll show you guys what we’re doingwith where we’re at right now. Here’s day two. Final day. We have ’till three o’clock
to catch a 16 pound drumto beat out Carson Workington
who is currently in 1st. I’m feelin’ good. Waters been warming up today. We’re gonna smack ’em. We’re trying a new spot this morning. We got some shrimp. Secret bate, we got some shrimp. Because we ran out of crawlers. Shrimp should be something different. I think that’s what we caught
our big ones on 10 years ago. Fishing memories, there’s fish beside us. At the side, like look
on the side imaging. Can you see that? There’s bad glare. Those are shadows of fish
that are right there. Anyways, we’re gonna start fishin’. Okay guys, it’s time
for a bit of an update. Dads using shrimp and
crushin’ the night crawlers. I haven’t gotten bit yet. Dads, this is like the
third fish he’s hooked. – It’s a big one. – It’s a nice drum, what time is it?We’re gonna check the time. Too early. It’s 8:30 so this
fish isn’t gonna count yet. But look at this drum. Oh that’s a nice one. Oh, that’s a fatty. – What do you think?- Yeah! It’s just
too early in the day. Just too early. Okay we’re gonna get some
slow-mo of this fish. – Okay. Shrimps good, this new location is good. And the average size
is just so much better,so I’m fine waiting out for a big bite. I’ll spend at least another half hour,hour here before we move. Hopefully we get that big one quick. Today, in La Verne’s kitchen,
cooking corner, we have bacon. Bacon, bacon, bacon, bacon. Mmmm. Nothing like a little bacon in the boat. What’s next, some eggs maybe?- I think so, yup. – La Verne crushin’ breakfast duty. Puttin’ some bacon on those sandwiches. I’m monitoring the rods right now. Just caught a lil’ cat fish. We’re gettin’ lots of bites. What are you using now?- Bacon and mino. – Bacon and mino, a
little leftover from breakfast. That’s a big bullhead. Master is 12, that is a 15
inch bullhead right there. That is a big, ugly, 15 inch
master angular bullhead. It’s probably the place to comeif you wanna catch master bullheads. Chance at a 16 incher,I think national records
at 17 or so, that’s a 15. Still, not what we’re going for. Welcome to the tackle
corner, this is very basic. Honestly, a picker rig would
probably be as good as anythingfor fishing on the White
Mud River, super easy. You got two bates then you
catch two fish at once,but we used to slip sinker rig,basically an egg weight, two
ounce eight wight, to a swivel. This is a very short leader,you could’ve done a longer leader. Two one ought, octopus hook. For bate we’re using shrimp,we’re using minos, we’re using crawlers,they’re all good. As far as rod goes, this
is heavy seven nine. You could use a heavy spinning set up. Pretty much, you just wanna be ableto handle a 20 or 30 pound fish,so 20 pound braid is pretty good,and I’ve hooked fish
on light spinning gearlike I said earlier and
it’s quite the fight,so just, if you can beef
up your gear a little bit,it’s a lot better for the fish,and just a chance at
landing those big ones, so. We got another half hour to fishand we’re gonna see if we
can make it happen yet. – You wanna rap this video up, dad?- Yeah, last spot here. You can tell the fishing has slowed down. I’ve been out there for half an hourwith the same bait on them. Yesterday they were eating
them every 10 minutes. So yeah, it’s time to
go home, call it a wrap- “Call it a wrap” says dad. Awesome time fishing the White Mud River. One of the gems of the
central region of Manitoba. If you are gonna take kids fishing,the White Mud in the
Spring is an amazing optionto catch a variety of species,
and master angler size. Sportsman’s corner is a sweet spot. You don’t need a boat to fish this river. You can short fish, as well Lynch’s Point. I don’t know what else there is to say. You should come check it out,and come when the water
is a little bit warmer,’cause probably in a week from now,a couple days after you see this vlog,it’ll be prime time, so, once this drops,it’s time to come to the river,’cause water warmed up a couple
degrees while we were here. I’m just rambling now,
thanks for watchin’,make sure you subscribe, and
we’ll check ya next time.

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