Fishbait Lure Topwater Hollowbody Frogs for Freshwater Bass Fishing with Tacklebox (5-Pack)

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This value pack of FIVE topwater FishBait Lure Co.’s Hollowbody Frog Lures includes not one, not two, but FIVE realistic frog lures! Each frog is painted in a different variation of a frog’s natural color palette — each one specifically chosen by anglers with decades of experience and guaranteed to increase your odds of catching that lurking monster bass in any situation.

FishBait Lure Co’s Hollowbody Frog lures provide the most exciting type of bass fishing experience for anglers of all ages and all experience levels. Watch your lure closely, because at any moment a big honkin’ Bass will explode out of the water and clobber your lure!

Set the hook and hold on tight!

NEW: Our partnership with Amazon has allowed us to offer a FREE bonus tacklebox custom designed to keep your new FishBait lures clean, dry, and secure on your next fishing trip. Featuring a hang tab, if you want to hang it, and tiny feet to keep drainage paths clear, we have thought of everything.

Each package of frogs is manufactured and then brought to our warehouse in Orlando, FL where it is hand inspected for quality control by a member of our Quality Control staff. That staff member ensures your package of lures is complete and in perfect condition. They then sign and date and seal the package for shipping. With Fishbait Lure Co, you are guaranteed quality.

Complete set includes three large walkin’ frogs, one small combat style frog, and one medium Poppin’ frog. Everything you need to pull in big bass from the thick stuff!

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Each Five-Pack contains THREE large Walking frogs, one Medium Popper, and one Small Sliding frog. Everything you need for every situation!
ACTION – Hollowbody frogs float on the surface, make a heck of a racket, and provide the most exciting bass fishing experience on Earth. Bass can’t help but leap from the water to strike FishBait Frogs!
RESPONSE – From Rookie Fisherman just learning the ropes, to Expert Anglers touring the country, everyone knows you can work FishBait Hollowbody frogs like no other lures. Skip the lure through thick underbrush, its weedless profile won’t snag like other lures! Pop the Popper out in open water, and it won’t sink! “Walk the Dog” with irresistable natural colors and movement!
VALUE – Five frogs, including custom tacklebox for storing them. With our variety of FishBait Hollowbody Frogs you’ll save money AND catch more fish!
RELIABILITY – After the manufacturing process, each set is brought to our workshop in the USA, where each lure is hand-inspected for defects.

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