Fish Taco – MGTOW

Fish Taco – MGTOW

Fish Taco – Amor Armour as RealPartyKid (Promotional Video)


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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video is brought to you by a donation from Amor Armour and here’s what he has to say: “Hi Sandman, We chatted last year about you doing a sponsored video about my film Fish Taco. Despite attempts from women and sjws to stop it, it’s finally in process for release. I’ve attached a promo link for you to share in your video. The film will be released in 2018 and the promo video and advertisements has caused a lot of drama in Los Angeles from local feminists and sjws. I’ve sent you a few things pictures for you to see from that opposition. I’ve sent you a link to a woman attacking me as well. One SJW even vandalized my car. Thank You.” Well Amor Amour thanks for the donation and topic. I’ve put your promotional video as the first link in the video and the second link is of the so called woman hitting you. First of all you have this woman on camera assaulting you. Why didn’t you take up the matter with the police to gain even more publicity? You’re also probably wondering why I didn’t release your video a lot sooner and the reason for that is I saw that MGTOW 101 already made a video covering you story last year and you said you weren’t releasing it until this years. So I was thinking closer to the release date. That way you don’t use up all of your promotional ammunition all at once. Plus sometimes I take longer with about two or three percent of my requests because to be honest it’s hard to think of funny and interesting things to say, especially if I only get a few sentences and not much to work with. So thankfully I spent some time researching and found that your video impressively got a combined 1.7 million views on YouTube and Instagram. Then it was taken down by a false flag operation by the feminist gestapo. Back than Amor Armour was mostly known as RealPartyKid. As for the film itself, I haven’t seen it’s release anywhere yet. I’ve got a bit of criticism for you Armour. Why are you promoting a film you haven’t finished yet. I’m just saying wouldn’t it make a lot more sense to have me release this video the week you put the film out so people can download it or watch it at a film festival and so that you have a crowd of men there to smell them before a horde of unshaven feminists with tuna up their wazoos comes storming around the corner of the block. Maybe get each man to bring a stray cat along from skid row and release them when they smell the women. Those cats will go right for the cooches. It’ll be better than a UFC fight.

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