Feeding My Betta Fish

What to feed a Betta Fish. Betta fish should have a varied diet to stay healthy. They enjoy a wide variety of foods. We feed pellets and various frozen foods like Brine Shrimp and bloodworm. Our bettas are fed typically 4-6 pellets a day depending on their size.

Betta fish are often underfed. Only feeding 1-2 pellets a day over time will starve your betta. When bettas are being under fed they will become sick more easily. Feeding a varied diet and doing several feedings a day is much more healthy for a betta.

**We do not use heaters in our tanks for most of the year as where we live is very hot and the temperature stays a constant 78-79f. For 2-3 months a year when it is a little cooler we add heaters to all the tanks. All our tanks now have filters. If you don’t use a filter in your Betta tank you need to be doing large water changes every 2-3 days.

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