Fall Fishing hack: INCREASED HOOKUP better action

What is going on Guys I thank Each and Every One of you for Joining me Today and before I kick this off I’d liketo start by, asking Two simple Questions howMany of You Guys out There Enjoy Throwingyour Soft Plastic Stick Baits and Soft Plastic Jerk Baits and if you, doHow Many of You Guys out There want to convert more Strikes to solid Hookups Now if you like the way that SoundsHang Tight and I’m going to Show you the easiest most efficient and Most effective way to convert more Bumps Into Solid HookupsNow Starting off Please Keep in Mind, we’re Going to be working Around an Open FlameWe’re Going to be using Sharp Cutting tools and we’re also going to be working AroundSharp Hook Points so if you’re under age Or under the Influence Please seek sober Adult Supervision and With that being SaidLet’s go, Or what you’re Gonna need?Now Starting Off and Pretty Much the only Thing this Entire Hack That’s Somewhat Specific is your Choice of worm hook you can’t use ThisStyleYou need to use a style of worm Hook that incorporates either a a screw Lock Bait Keeper or A?Kind of Barbed pin Bait Keeper other Than That everything this hack Is very Straight Forward and There’s Nothing specific about itNext up, you’re Going to need A length of Braid it doesn’t have to be Anything specialThis Is Old Berkley Fireline tracer from aboutI don’t know eight nine Years Ago and it’s Probably 40 Pound Test andLast but not Least go ahead Now and Grab Yourself a treble Hook it ReallyDoesn’t Have to be Anything Specific as Long as its Sized Appropriate to the Bait that you’re using and the Size Worm HookVery Recently A very Popular and very Successful TournamentBass Angler put Out A Video andI’m willing to Bet that If he Sees the Method that I’m going to Use he May Adopt it over hisAlright Now that We Have everything, we’re gonna need how, Let’s go Ahead and get Started and for Step 1 Take your BraidsTake your Hook and you’re Going to Take the Hook and drive it ThroughThe Center of The Braid as Close to the Center of the weave as possible Now if you’re Gonna be tying ABunch of These Or if you just want to Make it Easier on Yourself Take a pair of Flat jaw Pliersand Give a little SqueezeIf You Have flatten that braid it’s not Gonna Weaken it at. All but it’s Gonna Make it a heck of A lot Easier EspeciallyWhen i’m doing this on Camera?To find the Center of the Weave and Poke it Through Without Impaling your Fingerand now You’re done with Step oneAgain the Closer to the Center of the Weave the Stronger it’s going to beNow for step Two Take your treble Hook, run the braid Through its Eye andNow you’re Gonna Choose the drop lengthWhich the Treble is going to sit Beyond at the bend of the hook so we’re Gonna Give Ourselves Roughly about a half inchSo again, we’re Going to Take the pliersand give it a Squeeze andflatten out That Section of BraidAnd we’re Going to bring it back Up I want to go Through it again as Centered as PossibleBring it down over The BarbNow at this Point don’t pull on it just Yet Because what, we’re Going to do. Is we’re Going to trim These tagsWe’re Going to give Ourselves About I’d say a solid Three-Eighths of to. A half inch of Tag and Left After we cut itBe Careful you, don’t cut your arm Off and then Hand Pale your finger while you’re at itAgain you Can Give Yourself a little bit more Braid to Work with so you, don’t have to really kind, of get that CloseBut what, we’re Going to do Now is going to Take our Flamethrower and?We’re Gonna Burn the Tag Ends to the point Where They kind of ball Up but before you do youDon’t want to run the Flame on the braid too long otherwise They’ll ignite and will kind of melt Down out of ControlYou want to leave the ball about that’s Maybe A?Sixteenth of an inch Away from the Shank of the HookSo i’m going to go ahead Now and Slowly melt it Down Making sure it doesn’t Catch on Fire and Melt out of ControlandThat’s GoodIt’s at this Point you Can give it a light Pull making sure that if it Does Break free Which it Shouldn’tYou’re Not Gonna end Up put a Hook in Yourself and if You have any doubts at all how strong this Rig IsCheck This outI’m Gonna Zoom in a little bitand i’m Gonna Start Pulling andWatch What Happens There’s two Times of Those Hooks?Seem to kind of Start FlexingGo to the one Time this is a hook off of an evergreenProp Magic Spy Bait I believe I think it’s a pretty Strong Treble for how big it Is butIt’s starting to bendYeah I opened Up and you can SeeThat Didn’t Budge at all now for the next test, we’re Gonna go Ahead and Now andSee, if That Barb of the Hook is Gonna Cause Any damage you can, See i’m Flexing the Crap out of This warm Hook andIt’s not doing Any damage at allI’m Gonna Pull and Pull and Pull and again against the bar andYou Could Say Open Up that end so Guys it’s Plenty Strong you don’t have to worry about the Spectra ofBreaking I guess it’s the best way to put it a lot of assist HooksOr Made out of Spectra Which is the Same thing as, Pretty, much Done Eema it’s a ultra High Molecular weight PolyethyleneWeave so!Spectra Dyneema very Strong StuffSo Guys I really Hope that Puts to rest any Concern you might Have Whether or not this Rig Is strong enough or It’ll holdUp or notAll Right now that you’re Familiar With how to Make the rigLet’s Now go Ahead and CompareThis Method to the Method that like I Can only Had Shown in his Video so we’re Going to assume thatThe Treble Hook that We Have lying around that, we’re Going to use it does Have thatThird Tine That’s Perpendicular to the Hook i so it is Perfectly in line With the Hook ShankLet’s go Ahead Now and we’re not even Use, any O rings or bobber stopsWe’re Going to go ahead now and Place that Time in the hook so if you Look here See how it’s kinked upIt it kind of wants to push Back, Into the hook you have to kind of futz Around with itTo get it lined up rightandWhen you, doWhen i’m Bending it Down and This thing wants to kind of Flex and Move AroundIt See how Rigid it IsSee how it Just doesn’t want to Move and Take that same Rig and you See it’s Kind of Drooping AlreadyAnd I’m not trying to over Exaggerate it butThis Is Kind of Awkward See how erect it staySo that’s one of the Reasons nowLet’s go Ahead and SayWe have this Bait That’s all Chewed up and Torn Up I want to Play Replace itSo we take it off the hook tine We Take it Off of this and?Then You Have to either Rip it offOr Remove the Treble and get it Down the Barber stops Going to come Up and Around the bar with a hookAnd get wedged Up in There and then you got a rig it again and get it past theBobber Stop and then You have to rig it Up and then you have to put the Treble Hook back onETc so There’s Another Step Involved andI don’t know About you about you guys When I over Complicate Stuff I do that at. Home butWhat A lot of Water I just want that stuff to be as Simple as PossibleSo when I’m Swapping out Baits I want it to be quickSimple you know if I can’t change out A bait in ten Seconds Twenty Seconds topsThat Means I can go ahead now and Change from this Style – Maybe this StyleIt Just Makes your Time of the Water more efficientAdditionallyHaving The Ability to Adjust or set the drop back so whatever Bait you’re Going to be using or to your likingYou can Get that treble Further back so it’s not Kind of being Hidden bythe HookProfile and The Bait Itself so you Can kind of Place it pretty much to your liking and Another slight Bonus andNot Major and it all depends on what Kind of Hook and Style EngageHook Diameter You’re using if You go with a, heavier Hook in the back you’re Going to, Add a little bit of weightTowards The Back of the BaitWhich will Kind of Make it sink SlightlyTail FirstIt’s that way when you are working the Bait it’s gonna Maybe dart a little bit more ErraticallyI don’t want to try to Throw stuff out There or over Exaggerate its Benefits but that Is kind of A thing andIt kind of touches on how Mike Had Mentioned and I’m not on the first this is so mr. . Mike and Ellie, sorryIf You Look he in his Video he Had Mentioned that you Can rigThe Bait so that the worm Kind of Comes off The eye a little bit Further and that allows it to dart Kind of TowardsThe Surface Which Is very True Especially if You’re using a braided Main lineBecause The Braids Gonna Float so when you do Pull it’s gonna bend this Up and when it moves Forward it’s gonna Plane to theSurfaceOldest Trick in The Book it Is very True and I agree with him, on that but atThe Same Time if You drop that Hook a little bit Further back you’re Almost Accomplishing Almost the same Thing soMousetraps of Different Color Kiss is the best way to put itso with all that being Said give This Rig a try IWouldn’t put it out There if I Didn’t Have Confidence in it it’s not something that I jumped up yesterday I’ve Been Doing it forYears I don’t always use it because I’m not. A big Fan of Trebles but If I’m gettingShort Strikes and Just getting Knocked Baits and not getting Hook upsI’ll Break This up on the Water it’s Just that EasyMaybe I’m not a smoker Anymore so it’s a little bit Trickier but I’Ll have one in the Box this Time your Especially in theFall when The big Girls are Blind during the Daytime and Soft Plastic Jerkbaits reign supremeSo if You Guys Found this informative Please hit that like Button if youWant to subscribe I have tons of Stuff out There all Fishing Tips reviews all that kind of Stuff?Check out the other Stuff on my Channel and Subscribe and With all that being SaidI wouldn’t be here With you guys IAppreciate all the Time You guys Spent here the last Thing I want to do Is waste Any of it so with that being SaidTight Lines and I’ll see you soon