Erawan Falls and Secret Fish Spas , Kanchanaburi, Thailand (P2)

Okay, so maybe not it’s a complete secret, but I thought I was just hiking to see waterfalls. My Thai guide Bummie informed me that there’s actually flesh-eating fish at this park.

If you’ve ever heard of Dr. Fish, it’s a foot-nibbling fish originally started in Thailand and the popularity of that service has them popping in other countries as well. Anyways, the resident fish at Erawan Falls are sacred by Thai standards, but they’re also larger versions of Dr. Fish. They will nibble at your toes but also your legs too.

I gave it a whirl and wow, it was incredible. They’re a little shy to get started and sudden movements might scare them, but once they feast on you, they’re focused.

Hiking the jungle park is well-worth the time and exploring the different falls are worth the effort, especially the top waterfall. Taking a dip into those crystal blue waters felt almost like a necessity.

Trip to Erawan Falls was sponsored by Khiri Travel Thailand.


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