DAY 19 of The 30 Day Fishing Challenge lead us on a lifelong dream of going electro fishing. How many times have you been fishing a bank, not getting bit, and thought to yourself…”I wonder how many fish are actually right under the boat”? Well we got to see it first hand just how many fish were under the boat today.
Jason, Steve, and Collin with the VDGIF took Ace and I out on their trip to sample the largemouth bass population on Lake Robertson in Lexington VA, which is a small 31 acre impoundment nestled up in the mountains. We made a full trip around the lake and shocked for three 15 minute increments. Once the fish were in the livewell, we’d pull over to sample them. Jason and Collin would record the fishes length, and check it’s fin to see if it was clipped from last week to record a recatch, and then clip the anal fin in order to see if they catch any of those fish again next week. The lakes population is clearly really healthy because out of the 140+ fish that we caught, (if I recall correctly) the recatch rate was under 10%.
Huge thanks again to you guys for taking us out and can’t wait to go do that again. ALSO FOR THOSE WHO WILL ASK – All fish were released alive, and generally they have less than a 1% mortality rate while sampling.

After the electrofishing trip Ace and I ran up to the Shenandoah for 2 hours of muskie fishing. Check it out to see if we got lucky.

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