Early Spring Bass Fishing Tips


Bass fishing is a pastime that can be enjoyed at any time of year by the millions of bass fishing enthusiasts all over the world. As bass are ever present in lakes, pools, rivers and even the coastal regions off some countries, it is possible to fish all year round.

Obviously you have to tailor your style and technique to the bass area and the time of year, but if you can do that then there is no reason why you cannot experience good catch rates all year round.

However, you need to know what techniques to use at the various times of the year and the early spring phase is as good a time to start with as any.

There are definite fishing techniques and methods that should be applied to early spring fishing because it is in the pre-spawn phase. As such, the bass are often at their most active but also their most stresses. This can send your catch rate either way. It can actually be extremely frustrating because you are not guaranteed to have huge hauls.

Instead, you actually have to work for it. If you do though, you will find that the bass are at their largest and most impressive.

The one thing you should remember when fishing for bass in the early spring is that you do have to be prepared to try out several techniques from day to day because there is no uniform behaviour that bass conform to at this time of year. As such, you do have to be patient and extremely versatile in your fishing technique. It is not a trip for those that are stuck in their ways.

The first tip that you should take on board is to fish to the weather. If it is warm and the sun is shining then the fishing should be fast. However, if it is a cold day then they will return to their winter behaviour of settling deep in the body of water as well as under the cover of vegetation and in rocky banks.

Tasting the water temperature will help you to tailor your techniques to the day because bass are cold blooded. Their blood will cool or rise to match the water temperature and this determines whether they are active or extremely sluggish from day to day.

It is also important to remember that the temperatures will rise and drop throughout the day so it is important to be extremely aware of your surroundings and the weather conditions throughout your bass fishing sessions.

The golden rule of bass fishing in early spring is to match the temperatures of the water. If the water is warm then you should fish quickly to encourage the bass to bite.

Casting your line in the same place twice is essential but moving it within ten or fifteen minutes is always a good idea if you have yet to catch anything by that point.

Fishing in the top water is also a great tip if the action is good. However, if the weather is cold then fish deep and be sure to settle your line in one place for a while.


Source by Daniel Eggertsen

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