Do not Bawl Your Eyes Out Trying to Catch a Cheater – Instead, Use These 3 Mind Blowing Tactics!


I know you are in pain, but let me tell you, there is about to be a light at the end of the tunnel! That rotten cheater is about to get blindsided by the truth! You see, your lover thinks you are some sort of fool, and your doubts alone suggest a lot about your partner. But hey, let's not point the fingers until we get the proof we need.

So here is how you can catch a cheater fast …

Find out who your partner is talking to online- I am sure you have surprised many times if your lover has secret email accounts, or what kinds of emails are being sent / received. I am also sure that you want to know what kinds of chats occur behind your back. To know, all you have to do is install a secret spy ware program that will record everything your partner does on the computer. This means that even if he / she clears their email accounts or the internet history, that you will still be able to see everything!

Ask your partner- Another way to know if your spouse or lover is cheating, is to simply ask them a series of 6 questions and see their reaction. The 6 questions are who, what, where, when, why, and how. You can make it any kind of question you like … such as "where were you" … "why are you late" … "who were you talking to for so long" "when did you plan on telling me Everything …. "etc …

What these questions do, is put your lover on the spot. Now, cheaters absolutely hate these kinds of questions and will always over react. If you find your lover getting highly defensive, arguing, insulting you, ignoring the topic or anything like this, then definitely he / she feels guilty about something and that is why they are over reacting. Be certain that these responses are those of a cheater, and are not normal for everyday life and relationships.


Source by Avril Harper-Rae

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