DIY Wicker Serving Tray with Jute Ropes and Cardboard | Jute Rope Tray

How to Make Wicker Serving Tray Using Jute Rope and Cardboard, Friends today you will learn how to make a beautiful serving tray at home using jute ropes and waste material cardboard, I am using two colors of jute rope white and brown. It is unique handmade wicker tray that you easily make it at home. And this wicker serving tray is ideal for serve plates, drinks, Tea & Fruits for your guests for indoor and outdoor use and also its ideal for home decoration & Dinning table decor.

I hope you enjoy and like this jute handmade serving tray tutorial and don’t forget to share this wicker serving ideas with your friends.

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For making Handmade Tray you will need:

• Cardboard Sheet
• White & Brown Thin Jute Ropes
• Glue Gun

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