Chickamauga TOO MANY BASS TO COUNT!!! Fall Bass Fishing

hey guys welcome back to their episode
of Basquest I apologize I said I’llhave that footage out for the freshwater
jellyfish I could not get the stuff onthe GoPro to uncorrupt and work right
but my wife does have some pretty goodvideos on her phone and so I’ll be using
that and I will be uploading somethingso you guys can at least get a look at
them it’s pretty neat anyway today is anawesome episode a good buddy Cole sands
and I got on the water he is actually onthe bryan-college fishing team and they
were number one ranked in the nationlast year the dude is an absolute stick
on Lake Chickamauga yeah out fishes mejust about every time we go but this is
one of those days we got together and wejust wrecked him I mean we caught 60 70
plus fish we had some multiple doubleups back-to-back double ups double up on
the actual lure so treble hook baitsdouble up on the rig so y’all stay tuned
this is a smash session took me foreverto figure out which parts I wanted to
add to it because we got so many fish Ihad to edit a bunch of them out but stay
tuned this is gonna be awesomeyep new fish – whoa look out now swim
bait time oh thank you video no go aheadplease do look at them look at there’s
some nice ins just come up right overthere oh yeah yeah everywhere they justfinish no I mean they’re solid over
there this is what I should have beendoing all along it’s burning this plug
they’re here and just finding them youknow getting one to mess up and then we
could mop up with the jig just throwedible fish out I know how do you mean
grass last year I thought it’s cuzthere’s grass out through herenever good you feel better now I feel
better nowI haven’t even caught one yet and that
still feel better just like I don’t feellike I’m a crazy person it’s so funny
mean you got on the exact same fishuh-huh that weird and I’d see nobody
else in here last year doing it I guessyou probably never see me better I mean
no no never did I actually got the pointlast year I’d only come here they’re in
tournaments I didn’t want no one wouldsee me I was only come in here
Thursday’s letting many people this isnice school of fish got him I got a fish
on did look look it I got a backlash Icame in real the way I get your linesI set the hook like this ahead my like
that never good did I actually get mybacklash out this town another solid on
these I might pick up the dig keepsticking nice it’s like that you got our
Waypoint oh yeahthere is really smaller new to like out
like I knew he looksthis is exactly my the way I was
thinking last year – I was like whatI’ll stop for water again dude I got ityeah just sitting it I think I’ve devil
up look nice fish for me there’s gonnabe another one blow up on it there’s
gonna be another one blow up on it Ican’t believe you only come out with onefive Mike’s coming here thank youthere’s beer – oh yeah all togethertrying to keep them low so I kept on the
food I went through there is good notwhat did you do you see that I can’t
keep from backlash indeed what see I’mworking on topthis ain’t no fun at all manlook at our car behind us it’s a bassdouble up double itI had a white bass on yeah I felt
something funny Pressey didn’t get eatenmy big bass now I can’t get my hook out
dude nice big old bass just come upright there I mean it’s strong enough
beating these are all around uswhat a hit how did you not get a bite on
the cast coming out there let it sitright next to it’s like he hit it and
then he came back got the big in likethat to youI don’t even really know where we are
anymore I’ll think it’s really mad youknow that 190 like you almost get one to
commit every time I bring it upyeah oh we got one too awesome needabout time you and I got on some like it
serious amount of fish like we both doall the time we talked about it here we
go yeah don’t think so and it only madeabout three cranks with it please just a
giant I’ve got another cranking rod inthere we got plenty great baits T Ithink they’d hit anything dude they’re
like freaking piranhas right nowhonestly I think hey last year when they
were biting like this hat they’re like alittle bit bigger swim bait and catch
big believe or not I had that huge thingof weeds on there just and I had fish
following it to you like they were gonnaeat it right off of that saladslow-roll see what happens you should
get smoked but nice and to you yeah I’lljust barely move that time you think he
wanted that bay start slow rolling itsee what they like this is what I wanted
to do so bad out here last year but youcouldn’t there’s no carpet of grass this
is what you need to be throwing notournament day listen to G oh my gosh
babe a sleazelook we go by seating this Teddy the
ovals a tityeah we bumped him a cup of that awful
lot yeahI’m just trying to throw something
that’ll keep me from catching a whitebass every time every single cast you
catch largemouth – if they get to itfast enoughyeah oh dude I got monster yeah I gotta
show her no feet I thought he’s a lotbigger than that you don’t need five of
that you get five of those on Saturdaylike that Kelly teeth that covered me
more give you what I got of these notgonna get some more if he was fatter
he’d be five we talked about thisannihilated it – boom hit that net like
four times he still wants to try me onfor size everyone think might be grass
no it’s a fishyou’re gonna get a mind to leave this
leave this ready on the same hook on thesame hook the front hook both oh man
there’s like ten white bass ballwhat’s different about this spot there’s
one go there like you’re intoI think it’s neither devilnow when you’re looking more fishingcall it a water fish Oh God
let’s strike look at the one followingit goooo hole twice at melooks like it it again I want to say
about a 6 pounder come up and eat yesgreedy little yeah let’s keep messing it
upin there oh there yeah you have any of
these series five okay I think it mightbe a player for your own Saturday lookso many they were gonna jump out of the
water and grab that thing dude I’veliterally headache nobody nobody we
might know maybe another double at yeahwhat’s up that little bassI know what to do here they didn’t pin
out a loss or panicking here panicking alittle bit further down that way
Ohthere’s always a lot of big fishing in
nobody out here oh yeah I think he wasthat big yeah I get bigger now I saw his
head I can feel by the line touching myshoulder that’s a good one alright guys
I hope y’all enjoyed that footage of usjust wrecking those fish it’s a good
point this time of year you have to moveand cover water you didn’t get to see
that in this video but we moved all overthe place we fished a bunch of stuff
before we settled on fishing for thosefish right there so if you’re out here
in the fall move around use a lot ofdifferent baits cover a lot of water and
you’ll probably end up stumbling on abig group like we did in that video
y’all have a good week remember to likethis video share it with your friends
subscribe to my channel and we’ll seeyou next time on another episode

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