Catching BIG Winter Bass! Winter Bass Fishing Lake Anna

First and foremost, HUGE thanks to Mr. Deeds for getting me out on Lake Anna. While it’s infamous for being a tough fishery, he was able to put us on a solid limit, and numbers yesterday. I owe all of the fish I caught to him.
Winter has always been a tough season for me, and I’ve had 1 unsuccessful trip out on the river so far this year. Going into today with no bass, we had to get one in the boat….and we did a bit more than that.
The wind was brutal all day. 18-25mph winds from the moment we launched until we got off the water. Temps ranged from 41-45, and we focused on fishing channel breaks, points, and secondary points with super deep water nearby. There were many times the boat was in 40+ feet.
The winter bass were feeding on alabama rigs, jerkbaits, (whisper jig but we can’t tell anyone that), shakey heads, and spinnerbaits.


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