Catch & Cook Ep 5: SMALLMOUTH BASS

Gunned a catch in cook in yesterdays cold and raised ONE fish on live bait. Never tried a smallmouth bass before and we went for it.

Smallmouth bass is a gamefish that typically no one harvests. It’s sporting qualities are too valuable. Hmmmm, alright I respect that. Is it any good though? People think of pickerel as the biggest nuisance fish ever and now I see it with something of value also.

However, from cold water and clean water the fish was “ok”. It didn’t taste bad at all, but it was pretty bland and didn’t have a great texture. I know people may be upset about me doing a catch and cook bass, but put it into perspective. Many would be ok with killing a 28″ walleye or 40″ striped bass. I’m ranting but you get the point.

Anyway here is some fun stuff:

KastKing Orcas 2000 used –
KastKing Braid –
Rod –
Fillet Knives I love –
Drypants –
EliasVFishing Shads –
EliasVFishing Shads –
EliasVFishing Shads –
EliasVFishing Neck Gaiter w/Hoo-rag –
Or Visit
Filmed on:

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