Catch and Cook Bass fishing in Kayak Andy’s Fish Video EP.347

Hello everyone, Andy here at the Sunshine Coast. This is Ewen Maddock Dam. It is late in the afternoon. I am hoping to catch my dinner and cook it. I will try to catch a Bass, or Tilapia. I have brought a gas cooker with me. I will be catching and cooking in the kayak. I need to catch a fish first. This is the gear i am using. Sienna 2500 reel. Samaki zing rod.
Sienna 2500 reel. Samaki zing rod. Spinner bait lure. Some 12 pound braid with 12 pound leader. Timid fish will like the thin line and leader. I found this skirt in my tackle box. There was a fish stocking and fundraising competition this morning. I had a nice talk with David who organized the event. It is a little but windy. I will try to catch my dinner and cook the fish on the water. I will try a different lure now. I will now use an Envy bait lure.
I will try a different lure now. I will now use an Envy bait lure. While they sink the tail moves nicely. Oh, fish on. Second cast!I think he is too small for me. And only on my second cast with that lure. He is only 24cm. Change the lure and catch a fish. If something isn’t working, change it. Just letting it sink, down, down , down. Some little twitches. Got him, nice fish. Could be my dinner, a nice fish. That is a Tilapia. My first Tilapia. They are pest fish in Australia. You must kill and take them out of the water. It is a big Tilapia. I may eat the Tilapia for dinner. See what they taste like. They came from aquarium fish. They are a very bad pest fish. I will cook and eat the Tilapia later. He is 45cm long. It is now getting quite late. The sun is going down and I only have the Tilapia. I will fillet the Tilapia to eat. I will keep the intestines. I will show you how to fillet this fish. Cooking my dinner on the canoe. First I brain spike the fish. There, he is dead now. I will now fillet the fish. My table is a pair of tackle boxes. This is a bad filleting knife. Go along the top fin. There is lots of meat on this fish. Work the knife along the back bone. The redness is the blood in the meat. This section we cut along the rib cage. Cut that off here. I have heard they don’t taste good. We will see if they taste good or not. Nice fillet of fish. I will now skin the fish. No bones in this now. 5 or 6 bones in here. All bones taken out now. We will halve the fillet first. To take the skin off. Use the knife on a slight angle. That is a nice fillet of fish here. The second side is not bloody. All the blood is on the other side. Next time I will bleed the fish first. Our fish fillets are here. My little stove is here. Yes, that works. I have a frying pan too. Some nice olive oil. I may want some slat with this. The oil is hot. Shake the water off the fish. The fish is sizzling nicely. Cooking very nicely now. The thin pieces are almost done. A little too hot, it is sticking. Some oil over here. I have only taken a pan, a stove and some oil. A little bit longer to cook. Any fish you can use in a curry. Meat is meat. Take that piece out, cool it down. Yummy, yummy. That is a good tasting fish. It tastes like a Bream. A little bit of salt would be nice here. The sun is going down fast now. The canoe is shielding my cooking. They are almost cookedDo you like to eat Tilapia?It is hard to film me in a moving boat. Eat some more fish and watch the sun go down. This fish tastes really good. Very delicious fish. I may fish some more. I need some salt. Many people think Tilapia is terrible to eat. And they are a big pest. The sun is just about to set there. What a great day. Look at that sunset, spectacular. I have eaten my fish for dinner. This is the life, great. A really nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Get out here and enjoy nature. I don’t recommend everyone cooks in their kayak. If i catch a fish from now on I will cook it. Fish really just tastes like fish to me. It tastes like a Bream. Look at the sunset now.

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