Cape Fair on Table Rock, USA Bassin Fishing Trail, December with the BassMan Randy

Table Rock Fall Division of USA Bassin National Tournament Trail! December 16th.
Started out a little chilly and quite gusty for the first couple hours after our 7:30 takeoff. By 9, when I finally got my sign in equipment up and updated the files, I pulled into the east side of Wooley Creek, northwest of Cape Fair marina where we launched from. Quite a chop on the water, and with a low 40’s ambient temp, was a little bit chilly. As usual, after about the 7th cold front had moved in a couple of days earlier and was just starting to move out. So, High sunny skies, water temp at 49.2 to 50.1 and it was pretty darn ‘clear’. Probably 7-9′ clarity.
This usually means find wind blown main lake points back into the larger creek arms to hit the bluff ends and transition banks or the deeper corners of large docks.
I started with a #Rapala DT10 in their new ‘live’ series, in this case a live blue gill, which I must admit looked very real in the water. Well, I’ll just let you watch the video, and thanks for viewing ‘Bassin Fools’ on YouTube. Watch starting after the first of the new year as we try and do a video a day on anything from adding new line to your reel, to videos of the best strategies and patterns for catching big bass during the cold water period of winter into spring. Be sure and subscribe and check out our huge Facebook page, ‘largemouth bass nation’ for hundreds of bass fishing videos and articles brought to you by APO Website Group and .


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