Cape Fair 7pm to 10pm, July 28th Bass Fishing

Been so hot in southwest Missouri that the fishing has been a little slow during the 100+ heat index days we’ve had. So, what’s an avid bass fisherman to do??
Go Fishing; Just go At Night.
We went to Cape Fair area, on the James River arm of Table Rock lake. It’s closest to my home in Springfield. After getting some rigs set up with dark color jibs, buzzbait and spinnerbaits (all blk/blue or blk/red), I set out for the 45 minute drive about 6:00 pm. There had been rain and cloudiness the day before (Thursday, 7-28), so the forecast was about 10 degrees cooler. Got there, and just went to the shaded bank, across from the south ramp. Since it was 7pm, and with a couple hours to fish before ‘full dark’, I started out by throwing a Norman, Middle N crankbait in sexy shad. (See all the links to the equipment and lures used).
As in my rush, I’d left my front Garmin sonar at home, I first cruised from the west end to the east end of a small bluff bank before I threw my first cast. Toward the east end, the bluff bank flattened out, and when I went over some shad balls on the east end, that’s where I started to fish.
Caught 7 or 8 fish in the first 45-50 minutes, with 1 keeper (15.5″ largemouth) and 2 plus 14″, and 3-4-5 less than 13″).
If you’ll notice, the bugs were buzzing around my camera, but, they kinda disappeared by about 8:30 and the temps had dropped to around 80 degrees before sunset. Water temperature was in the upper 80’s to 90 degrees when I got there.
So, if you’re board, and tired of frying in the 90+ sweltering heat and humidity, do what I did, fish in the late afternoon, into the evening. It was quite pleasant, and I had a great time catching bass!

Thanks to #Rapala, #Storm, #VMC, #Keitech, #Sufix and #Terminator for their support!


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