Can’t Stop Thinking of You! Love and Life Through and Through

Baby, I love you!

Can’t stop thinking of you!

Can’t get enough of you!

Am continually blessed

When I’m with you!

Feel like I’m going crazy

When I’m without you.

Yet God always sees me through

And speedily gets me

Back to you.

I value nothing

More than you.

Nothing I have

Nor that which I do.

Heaven comes to earth

When I’m with you

I’m over the moon

Because of you

Everything about you

Genuine, passionate and true

Continually endears me to you

I just want to hold and kiss you

I experience eternal bliss

Beyond time when I’m with you

Stuck am I like super glue

Inseparable are we through and through

Your love more nourishing than honeydew

Your milk makes me like a cow moo!

Intoxicating and invigorating

Is my love for you

Entirely captivated

Am I for you

Whatever the reason

I can’t stop

Thinking of you

You continually come to mind

No matter the day or time

Despite reason and rhyme

Mentally fixated am I

On you

Not knowing what to do

I had to write you

And express my feelings

Yield to my inward leadings

Give way to my affections

Let the waves of emotions roll

Like a scribe on a scroll

Like a bird in the air

Like a child without care

Like a fish swimming in the water

Like a father for his daughter

Like a monkey at the zoo

Girl, I’m crazy for you!

I know not what to do

I can’t stop thinking of you!

Source by Paul Davis