California Dreamin' Big Bass Fishing – On the Water with Kelly Puppo

Welcome to a special look on the water while we chase Big Bass Dreams – California Dreamin’ with our friend Kelly Puppo.

Here’s a deeper look into the process of chasing the fish of a lifetime. Something beyond the highlight reel videos you’re accustomed to watching online. Those of you that get it, will pick up incredibly valuable information from these segments.

Kelly is back on the water after a 5 month hiatus, Oliver has had a month off from bass fishing so they are both getting acclimated to being back in their element. Throw on top the fact that this is their first time fishing together and you have a special day amongst friends. Kelly seems impressed with the new Megabass Grenade crankbait and new swimbaits from Defiant, which he’s fishing for the first time.

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