bouti1583 Fishing Tackle Lure Snakehead Bass Killer Insect Cicada Freshwater Bait 6g

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Type: Barb hook
Weight: 6g / 0.2oz
Length: 4cm / 1.6″
Fishing places: Rivers, lakes, reservoirs, ponds and streams and other freshwater places.

1. Strong and sharp, like the real cicada.
2. Not easy to be broken, can withstand heavy fish.
3. Anti-corrosion, durable and practical characters.
4. Easy to fish by barb hook.
5. The quality is very good, it experienced precision processing.
Like the real cicada, different colors, more attractive to fish
Weight: 6g/0.2oz, Length: 4cm/1.6″
Good choice for professional anglers
You need a lot of practise to enjoy lure fishing
Suitable for Bass, Asian Carp, Channa Argus, Rainbow Trout, Sea Bass, Siniperca Chuatsi etc