Boat Fishing at Loch Raven for Big Bass – New Personal Best!

Only my second time renting a boat at Loch Raven. See what happens when I land my new personal best!
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About a week ago I decided to try out my hand at a boat rental at Loch Raven. I didn’t really catch anything and spent a lot of time learning to navigate and operate the boat. Tried again and this time I’m getting a little better at it. I’m also learning that fishing from a boat is a little tougher than shore for odd reasons. For example, you’re constantly fighting with wind and currents. On this video the wind was a strong enough to push me around so I learned to use the anchor. The benefits are you can access places in a boat that are off limits to a shore angler.

This was one of the fancier boats as it had a larger troller motor, two batteries, and covered flooring and swivel seats.

I’m really loving this 13 Fishing Concept A in 6.6:1 LH. Paired with the St. Croix Mojo Bass 7’1” M/H fast action rod, I can cast most lures a country mile. I’ve been able to tune the settings and only had a few backlashes in the wind. I’m also using the 40# braid which I’m coming to appreciate over mono or FC lines as I fell everything.

I also got my Shimano Curado 201HD back from warranty repair. In one of my first videos I lost a hookup from what I thought was me making a bad hook set. Turns out the anti reverse gears needed some work. I spooled it up with 12# Berkley Vanish FC line and paired it with my BPS Bionic Blade 7’ heavy fast action rod with the idea that I could throw some heavier lures like the Storm swim baits I picked up for a reasonable price.

I also brought my Abu Garcia Silver Max paired with my shorter BPS Tourney Special 6’ 6” medium power moderate action rod.

What you didn’t see in the video was that I was using dual lock snaps to make lure changes quicker. Well after having a break off on a cast of a nice jig, I decided to just start to tie off my lures. In fact I even left off the leader on my braid and found it made no difference.

I spent more time with soft plastics this trip and tried to stay away from the hard lures. I knew the suspending jerk baits attracted the pickerel like mad and I was interested in seeing if some of my soft lures would do the trick. You’ll see that I met with great success.

I also learned a lot about hook selection with larger lures, especially the soft plastics. In fact I’m going to do another video with what I found about the misses and hits on a very large soft plastic.

Finally, I’m learning that I need to move a bit more when the bite isn’t there. While persistence paid off in the big bass I landed, I’m wondering if I would have found more success elsewhere.

I’m also learning that I need a few more GoPro batteries if I want to record more than 4-5 hours. I have three now and think I need at least two more.

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