Bigfoot/Sasquatch Caught in Background of my son’s video

Bigfoot/Sasquatch Caught in Background of my son’s video

My son accidentally recorded the unexplainable a couple days ago!
He didn’t even notice it while uploading the footage to Youtube, but people kept commenting about ‘what that was’ behind him!

See what you think!

Scary, Westin Yancey​!

Would make the hair stand up on my neck if I’d have been there! Goes to show you that we really aren’t ‘alone’ out there! Always carry a gun when you go that far out in the wilderness!!!

Go to this link for some bigfoot ‘sounds’ moans and screams and research this a little bit like I’ve done this afternoon!

Here’s another link of Map of Sasquatch sightings within Oregon, especially southeast of Portland
where my son lives. (Molalla Or)

October 6th, 2017.

My son Westin Yancey, the owner of a company called ‘Modern Out Door’ media, sent me
a link to this video he’d been editing a couple of nights ago.

He asked me to take a close look at a video he had uploaded earlier. At first I didn’t notice anything. But then, upon closer look, see what I saw. Especially vivid at 10-12 seconds and again from 18-27 seconds.

It seems though, as he was recording himself walking through the forest in Oregon, talking about a new shirt his company have just released, that he was not alone on his ‘walk’!

First time I watched the video, I wasn’t really looking at anything in particular, until I went frame to frame starting at around 9-10 seconds in. Watch over his left shoulder (right side of the screen) up until about 27-28 seconds, when it goes off-screen. You tell me what you think it is!


It was freaky when I watched it, so I re-watched it 20-30 times and was shocked when
I realized it was what I believe is a Bigfoot or Sasquatch.!

Watch it closely, and tell me what you think it is?

A black bear? Not unless it is one that swings its arms and can walk on its hind feet,
through and around trees and lay downs.

I’m going to suggest that he send it in to the Oregon fish and game, and ask them what they think.

I know many of you will doubt your own eyes, but I’m sure through video analysis, it can be
confirmed that the footage is legit, and was not ‘doctored’ in any way.

Besides, I know my son! He never lies! Even as a little toddler, he has always told the truth, even
when he knew he’d get in trouble.!

He’s a straight shooter, and loves the outdoors, and has built a huge following of fishermen,
hunters, guides and outfitters in the PNW, by telling it and showing it like it is!

He should send it in to the producers of the tv show(s) that have aired in reason years about sasquatchs and similar reported creatures.

Anyway, I decided to put the video up on our sites and pages and let you decide for yourselves,
with your own eyes, and make your own opinion!

Share with your friends and family, and as always you’re comments and opinions are always welcome!

Randy Yancey