Big Striped Bass on Topwater – My First Trip to the Cape Cod Canal

THANKS FOR 10,000 VIEWS EVERYONE! First one of my videos to hit that milestone! If you like this video, check out the rest of my channel, I think you’ll like it. Tight lines y’all! –Andrew of Seven Stripe Fishing

Yesterday, I put in my first serious effort to catch striped bass at the Cape Cod Canal. I was on the banks of the canal at the crack of dawn to see if I could raise any big bass on a pencil popper.

Get Tight Fishing YouTube channel creator Hayden G. helped me out by supplying me with a rod beefy enough for the canal, and bringing me to a productive location.

It was incredibly kind of him to show me the ropes, and you should check out his YouTube Channel. He posts regularly about the Cape Cod Canal and surrounding areas!

Bass in the low 20-pound range were crushing my pencil popper! It was crazy to see them swipe and explode on the pencil popper and it thrashed on the surface. Really an addictive feeling!

It was an extremely fun day to say the least. This was a great first experience, and I’ll definitely be back for more in the future. However, I’m still going to be spending most of my time on the beach in search of big bass.

Until next time everyone! Thanks for watching!

-Andy B.


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