Big Bass Pond Fishing – Fish Nemesis

hey guys get ready go to the pond its a
brand new pond I’ve never been to I’m thinking aboutthrowing the zipper worm Magnum seven
inch on the Texas rig this is probably agood worm to fill around for big fish
and little fish anything will bite thiscuz its zipper and they’re amazing so
and I’m also thinking about throwing aspro popping frog around the edges you
know see if I can get any big boys tocome up and play but yeah well im getting ready to go
so see you there. got oneooh its a good size fishoohoh yeahBrother talking in the background Inaudiblejust caught this one guys nice
I’ll show you the release when I get the hook out. got him
god hes bigbig boygodhe’s pulling drag guys oh my gosh
Got a studyeaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhyeahhhhooooohhhhthat’s My new PB that’sprobably eighthere daddy check him outfeel him I think he’s eight don’t youthink he’s eight dont you thinkgooodddhes eight daddythat eight pounds or nine
right. I don’t know we’re gonna have a scaleguys I think I just broke my
PB he’s probably eight poundsalrightHold him upwe’re gonna see
what we can do all right I’ll show you therelease all right guys you saw me just
catch this one so I’m gonna get a weighton him see how much she weighsall right here we goI got a new PB 6. 65
so six and a half pounds six6 1/2that’s A nice fish sure let’s let it go so she can grow bigger. so someone else can catch hermake sure you revive these fish and get
them back in the water as soon aspossible so they can get real big and you know catch themthere she goesdads got a good one guys get it over herenice bass it’s probably about two
pounds we’re gonna let him go all right here we gowe caught him off of the zipper Magnumseven inchwormthere he goesall right we just got backfrom the pond uh today was awesome our
biggest big fish bait today was thespro popping frog but we also caught
numbers on the zipper worm Magnumseven-inch worm so I think that will
probably go back to that pond somedayfilm some more but um please like subscribe
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thank you for watching

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