Big Bass at Ohio’s Oakthorpe Lake

Oakthorpe Lake is a tiny little hidden gem when it comes to big time bass fishing. However, if you have a heavy fiber glass bass boat then beware. They tiny little gravel ramp and lack of parking will easily get you stuck and have you run out of space. This lake is close to it’s bigger sister Buckeye Lake but at less than 75 acres is a pond compared to Buckeye Ocean’s of size. The regulars speak of bass in the 5lb-6lb range every year but, if you want to catch them you need to go small when it comes to baits and early in the year.
My tackle for today.
Shimano Curado
6.5ft Fenwick Rod
10lb. Berkely Trilene Line
Black Venom Twitch Worm
3/16 Ounce Tungsten Weight
Load Right Boat trailer from Pirate Marine for accessing shallow ramps


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