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How many of you have felt the wrath of a cold front on Florida strain bass? Day 2 of our bass fishing trip to Texas brought some changes and we did everything we could to adjust…and even ended up bed fishing for 10+ lb. bass at one of the most famed trophy bass fishing destinations on the planet-Lake Fork.

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Lure – 6th Sense Movement 80x

Rod – Dobyns Champion 705cb

Reel – Abu Garcia Orra SX

Line – K9 Fluorocarbon 17 lb

Texas Rig:

Lure – Netbait Paca Slim w/ 1/4 oz weight

Rod – Dobyns DX 745c

Reel – Abu Garcia Revo S OLD SCHOOL

Line – 17 lb Trilene 100% Fluorocarbon



•Partly Cloudy

•Water Temperature – 70

•Water Clarity -2-4'

•Wind – 5-15 MPH

•Water Depth – 2-8 feet



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