Bass Fishing Tricks – You Can't Go Wrong With A Worm!


Bass fishing, or should I say catching, can often times be a humbling experience.  There are really no magic bass fishing tricks that you can use that are guaranteed to put bass in the boat or on the stringer every single time you go fishing.  Bass just simply are not active and willing to bite any lure or bait that is put in front of them all the time.  When the fishing is slow, as it is much of the time, you can’t go wrong with a worm.  

When the fishing is slow and the bass don’t seem to be biting,  people tend to make two crucial mistakes.  They tend to fish too fast, or they move around from spot to spot in hopes to find some active fish.  We all know that bass love plastic worms.  The plastic worm is probably one of, if not the best, all around lures to use in any situation.  However, it is definitely one of the best lures to use when bass are in an inactive mood.

Something to keep in mind, especially if you were catching fish in an area, is you don’t necessarily need to move to a different spot.  Say for example, you were catching fish in an area on a fast moving lure such as a spinnerbait or a crankbait and then all of a sudden the fish seem to quit biting.  This doesn’t mean that the fish have left this area it just means that they have become inactive.  This is a perfect time to stay in this area and slow down your presentation.  When bass become inactive they head for cover, and it’s time to tie on a plastic worm.  

In order to be successful in these slow periods you must understand that the very existence of a bass revolves around cover.  This is the time to tie on a plastic worm and look for cover such as weeds, logs, stumps, docks, or brushpiles, and fish close to or right in the cover.  Use your worm to dissect the cover by making several casts from different angles.  You will need to get your lure right in the strike zone in order to get an inactive bass to strike.  Patience is the key.  Work the worm slowly and methodically by hopping, dragging, and bouncing it over, through, and around the cover.   

As mentioned above, there are no magic bass fishing tricks that are guaranteed to work.  Worms come in all shapes, sizes, and colors.  Select a variety of plastics worms and add them to your tackle box.  Practice and patience are the keys to catching bass on them.  I will guarantee that you will catch your share of bass on plastic worms if you stick with them, especially when the bass are inactive.  You can’t go wrong with a worm.



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