BASS FISHING TOURNAMENT! | Spotted Bay Bass Fishing Challenge

We fished with our friends and did a crazy 3 vs. 3 tournament for saltwater bass that ended with Justin being thrown in the harbor!!! Click Show More for details…

We did a 3 vs. 3 tournament for all saltwater bass, Spotted Bay Bass, Calico Bass, and Sand Bass. Whichever team caught the longest 5 fish would win. Team “No Jimmies Allowed” did really well and were able to figure the fish out while Team “Justin” really struggled to find some that would bight. Team “No Jimmies Allowed” got a total of 59.5 inches while Team “Justin” only got 32 inches. Thanks for Watching!

Gear Used
➤Setups: Shimano Citica 200e(not made any more) on a Dobyns Fury Heavy(
Shimano Curado 200e7(not made any more) on a Shimano Clarus(
➤Camera: GoPro Hero 3+ Silver edition, Canon Powershot ELPH

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